Photographer Finds A Secret "Tree Of Life" In A Dwindling Lake

Aerial photography is an amazing source to experience the world from high above the land. We are given the chance to witness the beauty of the world from a perspective that is not possible even when drones are used. Bird’s eye view gives us opportunities to see patterns and colours in familiar landscapes. One such pattern has been presented by an Australian photographer named Derry Moroney.

He had been able to capture a "tree of life" inside the seaside waters of the Lake Cakora at Brooms Head while he was trying to discover something new with the help of his drone.

Lake Cakora is situated on the North Coast of New South Wales, Australia. Thus the area has quite famous natural landmarks and striking beaches. The photographer has monitored the transitions of the lake too.

Derry had started this process around six months ago while visiting the place to witness the changes of it due to the environmental causes. “The most major change I have seen to the lake so far is the change of color that it goes through,” he said. “One day it can have aqua water run through it; but then after storms, dramatic browns and raw earth colors pop out.”

As shown in his aerial images, the branching shape of the river is similar to the “tree of life” that symbolizes spiritualism found in the religious as well as mythological world.

The shift of colour and the size of the tree can be seen on the posts that are present on his Instagram. The first eye-catching shot depicted the lake water saturated with tree oils after a heavy rain. The brown colour of the tree is due to the oils from the trees. And also, the surprising branches quite similar to the ancient Near East, modern Judaism, and Norse legends, among other traditions arouse a little surprise inside people.

Check out his Instagram and Facebook pages for more information.

Derry Moroney: Instagram | Facebook

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