20 Identical Pets With Extra Body Parts And Features

All the animals receive the inherited traits via their parents' DNA. There are thousands of genes inside DNA and those genes lead to different expressions of our body. Some such example characteristics are coat color, body colour, features and eye colour.

Tricks on animal genes are not always seen in public. But, there are certain times in which we can see the marvells of genes in animals; cats with heterochromia and 18 toes. Check out the following list to witness the genetic surprises of animals.

#1 Frankie, which is a cat with multiple ears and eye deformity, is rather more perfect than expected.

Image source: Missy-Andry

#2 Yoda the cat is gifted with another extra set of ears.

#3 Ren, an animal with 6 toes per each foot.

Image source: Aliendiaperbaby

#4 My adopted stray dog with two ears.

Image source: toadsearmouth

This dog is 6 years old by now. We met each other several years ago when she walked her way to the shelter that I worked at. Her appearance made the entire staff astonished. And also this dog was quite aggressive at the beginning. However, a shelter officer managed to muzzle her and carry her to the veterinarian. She made goofy sounds during the examination but relaxed when we made eye contact with her.

That particular day, she crawled into me when I took her into my hands to evaluate. She climbed into my lap and then rested her head on my shoulder. I fell in love with her and have adopted her since then.

#5 The abandoned unicorn puppy named Narwhal.

Image source: Mac the pitbull

#6 OMG! A lot of peets.

Image source: RickMcFlick

#7 A rare cat with a couple of tails.

Image source: Fulcrum71

#8 This cat has the rarest of all; an opposable thumb.

Image source: cronkgarrow

#9 This is Sansa who suffers from Feline Hyperesthesia.

Image source: sansa.thecat

#10 My cat, Toes is a Polydactyl with 26 toes.

Image source: Papa-Wu

#11 Two faced cat and its owner, Ms. Amelia.

Image source: GallowBoob

#12 It has received an extra canine tooth with strong roots.

Image source: saintlindsay

#13 Joey!

Image source: eimeardelarosa

#14 Polydactyl baby cat in the Clinic today.

Image source: DrySheckles

#15 Here is my rescue Baby.

Image source: SayianPrincess19

#16 I drove over an hour on my way to buy my purrito with extra beans.

Image source: Daiiga

#17 This is my friend's cat. It has a black chin and looks surprised all the time. Plus, it is a Polydactyl.

Image source: placeboob

#18 Extra beans.

Image source: smartas

#19 A cat with extra toes as well as heterochromia.

Image source: sansa.thecat

#20 This puss looks so hot though its leg is broken from 2 places.

Image source: Pemigewasset

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