These Pan-Fried Cinnamon Bananas Aren’t Really Easy To Make

What will you make out of your overripe banana? The answer of many among you will be banana bread. However, now you needn’t hang on to banana bread as we’re gonna present you a new recipe which is quite crispy and delicious. Therefore you can feel the taste of these yummy and healthy fruits before they go bad. The pan-fried cinnamon banana is a super simple recipe for you to enjoy. You’ll surely want to taste the extreme flavour regularly as your breakfast treat or else the evening snack.
The Pan-Fried Cinnamon Bananas recipe is introduced by Kristin King in her blog Dizzy Busy & Hungry. You’ll only need 10 minutes and 4 ingredients which are in your kitchen. And they are cinnamon, banana, sugar and nutmeg. (Nutmeg is optional). Use the first five minutes to cook and the next five minutes to prep.
First you'll need to mix all the spices together and then sprinkle the mixture into the top of the banana slices in your pan to begin the cooking session. Start sprinkling the mixture in one side and then the next side. Heat until it’s all done.
By the way I love these crispy sugary bananas very much and I prefer the uncooked banana version the best. According to King, these banana slices are perfect with V8 V-Fusion juice or else cherry yogurt. But, you know I can’t resist that long to taste these yummy banana slices on my mouth. Hope you’re not kind of that. And also King suggests to use Splenda instead of sugar if you wish.
Scroll through the Dizzy Busy & Hungry blog for the full recipe.
I, of course, always love the treats made of bananas on my table. If you too are interested in banana treats then you might want to go the dessert-baking route for love, life and Sugar cheesecake along with banana cream-pie topping or grill S’mores banana boats in the early morning by the fire.
If you wanna make something healthier than the other ones, start scrolling through the recipe of  frozen banana bites from No Biggie (Along with almond butter and chocolate) or make a delicious smoothie.
You also can change your banana bread recipe with some interesting variations. Try to make your banana into a caramel macchiato dream courtesy of Averie Cooks or add sprinkles and vanilla icing to recreate yummy sprinkled unicorn banana bread. Or else try to use your banana bread at the bottom of the cheesecake as said in the recipe of Holly’s Cheat Day.
Hope you’re feeling hungry now.

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