Drone Films The Largest Swarm Of Sea Turtles Ever Seen

Shooting a unique picture of something that the world has never sighted before is a fantasy of every lensman. It is actually a challenging task for a cameraman of wildlife to make the people speechless in this complex, animated and rich surroundings.
But the biologist Vanessa was able to capture the biggest swarm of sea turtles found so far, in November 2016, through her drone which was flying above the coastline of Costa Rica.
This drone has been used to get the study of this newly found sea turtles and the reproductivity process.
The video shows a large number of the creatures swimming across an area just off Ostional National Wildlife Refuge.
Every square metre ensured nearly one turtle, and with the ascending route of the drone, a set of new creatures are rising from beneath the surface level.
B├ęzy stated:
“I immediately knew there was something special going on. To this day I’m still blown away by the video. They look like bumper cars out there.”
Ostional national wildlife refuge was begun in 1983 as a region of protection for turtles, but since the turtles are thought to be a vulnerable species, most probably this may be the last opportunity to see swarms of this dense.
The Scientific Director of The Sea Turtle Conservancy in Florida, Roldan Valverde stated:
“This is the only time I’ve seen a video capturing this phenomenon in the water. Most of the photography documenting this occurs on the beach.”
Bezy is going through her studies of them and she is expecting to enhance the awareness of the significance of protecting the species and she further expects that her video is able to make it strong enough. Although these turtles are spread everywhere, their nesting sites remain very few worldwide.
Bezy is sad about the increasing improvement of the tourism industry enclosing the beaches where they nest, since the proposed regulations for protection are seemingly not enough.
According to further facts, the force with an extra threat to the population, probably will crack fast, due to the hatchlings of these Olive Ridley sea turtles bearing a very low survival rate into their adulthood.
Bezy expects that her investigation would help better in finding out the cause for such a vast number to gather in that region in the specific period between August and October. Type of sand, beach orientation and currents of the sea might be the significant reasons for this.
The discovery of Bezy will supply a positive response which is able to enhance the survival opportunities of these turtle species. 
These specific sea turtles are categorized under the six main turtle species which are listed under threat by the International Union for Conservation of Nature. Therefore, large clusters of this type are vastly affecting their life cycles.

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