The Mossy Frog Is An Expert Of Disguise And Can Send Its Voice Long Distances

You will never see such a frog type anywhere in the world and that’s what the mossy frogs needed to be.
We know that frogs are the experts of disguise among the animals in the world. Although there are several creatures who can be labelled as the ones who are “dressed best,” I’m pretty sure that they aren’t perfect as the Vietnamese Mossy frogs. The Mossy frogs are the animals with the most elaborating camouflage when compared with others in the animal kingdom. Just a single look at these frog species will surely point out the reason for this.
The origin of the name “mossy frog” is due to the unique mottled brownish green skin which looks the same as the moss that grows in rocks. Thus, the skin of these frogs forms a very effective camouflage. This has become a special reason for the difficulty in seeing these creatures.
Along with the skin their calls too give them such a unique quality. According to the scientific observations, it’s said that these mossy frogs of Vietnam are able to send their voice upto 10 to 13 feet (3 to 4 meters). It reveals how difficult it’ll be to find them in the wild.
The mossy frogs are native creatures to streams and rivers in Northern Vietnam and are known for the red, black and green colouration. They are native creatures to rivers and streams of northern Vietnam. Another added quality in their appearance is the black, red and green colorations along with the bumpy look which help them disappear in seconds. The nature of the mossy frogs helps them to be safe from the predators. The mossy frogs roll into balls as if they are dead when frightened. Therefore, it allows them to look like a ball of moss instead of a yummy meal for the predator.
Same as the tree frogs, the females will grow larger than the males. Females can reach a size of about 2.5 – 3.5 inches. These frogs have become very talented tree climbers due to the sticky discs present at the edges of their toes. And also they have a broad vision due to the bright eyes with them. 
Unfortunately, the habitats of them are getting reduced due to tourism and deforestation while the international trade market for them is increasing. However, the attention on them has increased recently and several zoos worldwide have taken steps to execute breeding programmes of these frogs in certain regions. But the maximum lifespan of the frogs which are bred in zoos is not more than 5 years, and thus means half the life span in their natural habitat.

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