Drone Camouflaged as Hummingbird Films A Wonderful Video of Monarch Butterfly Swarm

I do not usually watch online videos and react literally or audibly with emotional words such as ‘wow’. The last time I gave such a reaction of that kind was, when I was watching Captain America staring down Thanos and his whole army, in a very large screen of an IMAX cinema. Even if it is without all those huge screens, resolution and quality, video shown this time too is unimaginable. 
You are able to watch a perfectly closer look of relaxing Monarch Butterflies in a video from Nature on PBS which has been released recently. They gather very close to one another for warmth when they are expecting the temperature of the surrounding to rise. They have managed to get a perfectly close video of these butterflies without any disturbance to them. For this great task they have used a drone disguised to look like a hummingbird. According to the video, hummingbirds are not a threat to these Monarch Butterflies and therefore they do not react to the disguised drone.
The scene of these butterflies are supernatural with their take off when the temperature level is sufficient for the flight. Then the butterflies are not only able to take their flight all around very comfortably but also to land on the drone without being injured. The assurance of the high quality design of the disguised drone has ensured the safety of these butterflies not to cause any harm. According to the narrator of the video, the moving parts of the drone are being shielded to ensure the highest safety.
Eventhough it was on my screen at home, I was very much delighted to witness such kinds of surprises which fill my mind with beauty and amazement during this period.

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