Awe-Inspiring Champions Of The 2019 Underwater Photographer Of The Year Competition

“The Gauntlet,” Underwater Photographer of the Year 2019, British Underwater Photographer of the Year 2019. Photo: © Richard Barnden/UPY2019
The Underwater Photographer of the Year was simply reported for 2019, and the triumphant pictures offer a charming broadness of what’s past the shoreline. For the fourth year straight, the photography contest has spoken to various parts of the sea through an assortment of classifications. Champs were picked in 14 fields including Wide Angle, Macro, Behavior, and Portrait.
Each triumphant picture grandstands an alternate part of the underwater world. Some sea photos feature the fascinating animals that hide below the surface, while others give proper respect to the loftiness of enormous well-evolved creatures, for example, whales and seals. Different pictures have a critical message. Eduardo Acevedo was granted the Marine Conservation Photographer of the Year for his piercing picture of a Caretta caretta turtle battling to liberate itself from a net. It’s an amazing update that we have to save the animals that live in the sea by actualizing economical fishing rehearses and also reducing the use of plastics.
So, who received the biggest award this year? That honor goes to Richard Barnden for his picture titled The Gauntlet. It includes an action-packed situation of a shark encouraging frenzy at the Fakarava South Pass in French Polynesia. There are an expected 700 sharks watching the mouth of the channel by day and chasing around evening time, and the most important part was that Bardon was there to see it.
“The gauntlet is about to unfold,” he describes. “Descending into the darkness I can feel my heart beating a little faster than normal as hundreds of sharks are now covering the bottom. This unlucky parrotfish dodged in and out of the patch coral heads looking for somewhere to hide as swarms of sharks followed in hot pursuit. One grey reef shark suddenly grabbed the parrotfish by its head as another twisted underneath it to get a better grip. In desperation it hurtled straight towards me as I snapped a few passing shots and curled up into a ball as the frenzy of sharks shot past, leaving only but a few falling parrotfish scales behind.”
Have a look at more features from the Underwater Photographer of the Year below and see each of the 125 awarded pictures in the winners’ gallery here.
The 2019 Underwater Photographer of the Year features probably the best sea photos today.
“Gentle Giants,” Winner of Wide Angle. Photo: © François Baelen/UPY2019

“Caretta Caretta Turtle,” Marine Conservation Photographer of the Year 2019. Photo: © Eduardo Acevedo/UPY2019

“Marine Compass,” Most Promising British Underwater Photographer 2019. Photo: © Malcolm Nimmo/UPY2019

“Hairy in the Sunrise,” Winner of Compact. Photo: © Enrico Somogyi/UPY2019

“Paradise,” Up & Coming Underwater Photographer of the Year 2019. Photo: © Taeyup Kim/UPY2019

“Curious Crabeater,” Runner Up of Wide Angle. Photo: © Jessica Farrer/UPY2019

“Fast Cuttlefish,” Winner of Macro. Photo: © Fabio Iardino/UPY2019

“Fly High and Smile,” Winner of Portrait. Photo: © Nicholas Samaras/UPY2019

“Mercury Tunnel,” Runner Up of Black & White. Photo: © Ken Kiefer/UPY2019

“The Heat Run,” Runner Up of Behavior. Photo: © Scott Portelli/UPY2019

“My Place Under the Boat,” Up & Coming. Photo: © Matej Bergoc/UPY2019
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