Photographer Shoots Photos Of Felines High On Catnip And Outcomes Are Stunning

These days, it appears we become increasingly more fixated on creatures, and love being encompassed by them. Online networking is brimming with photographs of charming and cute pets, and we just want more and more adorable photographs of them.
Andrew Martilla is an animal photographer who was once not such a good fan of felines because he was allergic to them. Today, he lives with his sweetheart and their three felines. The couple is taking good care of foster cats outside D.C., as well.
This expert animal photographer and now an admitted insane feline man has been included in many distributions, articles, and exhibitions, and caught the photographs for the book Shop Cats of New York.
His photographs are a treat for any person who adores cats.
“The Cat Photographer,” has not long ago completed a feline project, which is one that based on cats who love catnip, and their senseless and expressive characters as they respond to their catnip journey and transform into free-cherishing, saucer-eyed pussycats.
This enduring herb is totally ok for felines, it keeps going only a couple of moments, and influences each feline in an alternate way.
Aggregated into a book, titled “CATS ON CATNIP“, the amusing collection of photographs is accessible on Amazon and in book shops. It is a series that commends cats: senseless felines, insane felines, gymnastic felines, lively felines, and interesting felines.
Andrew Marttila: Website | Instagram
He is flabbergasted by his project, asserting that the time spent on it was extremely fun, and the photographs will certainly make you laugh just like they made me:

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