This Is Iriss And Abyss: Twin Sister And Extraordinary Cats With Heterochromia

Here and there throughout everyday life, things are superior in pairs. Simply ask Iriss and Abyss! These are a pair of amazing white twin sister felines that are so strikingly comparable, even their eyes look just the same with heterochromia. The two female cats from Saint-Petersburg, Russia are really blended breed felines and genuinely “one in a million” their dedicated feline father says.
Iriss and Abyss as kittens
The four-year-old sister felines have grown a great fan base online since their feline father began sharing their photographs online a couple of years back. Also, it’s not so difficult to perceive any reason why the two cats are just stunning! Soon after coming into their human’s life at 3 months of age, Iriss and Abyss started grabbing the eye of people who love cats around the world. 
As you can closely observe, these coordinating cuties basically love the camera, as well.
People who love cats regularly get some information about what feline breed Iriss and Abyss are, so their feline father shared information on their Sis Twins Instagram a long time ago in May 2016: 
“Many people confuse us with angoras, turkish van and other breeds. But we have to disappoint you. There’s such a term “metis” or “crossbred”. And this is a miracle of Мother nature, that we are to blond twin sisters with heterochromia. Our mother is white cat, and father is black and white cat. 
All the pure breeds are the results of generic selection. But the fact, that we have no distinct breed, and got all these fantastic features is truly amazing! Such a chance is one in a million! And we feel so blessed, that we’ve got that chance!”
These sweet little cats with different eyes have 203k fans and increasing more on Instagram, and many loves them for their easy magnificence and the manner in which they generally appear the absolute best of companions. One thing for sure is, these Moscow-conceived kitties have a feline father that takes care of them simply like the little princesses that they truly are.
Do you want to see more photographs of Iriss and Abyss? Follow these flawless ladies on Instagram at Sis.Twins so you can get your daily updates of their uncommon magnificence.
Photo credits: Sis.Twins on Instagram
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