The Young Heroes: 12 Kids And A Dog Recognized For Their Crime-Busting Deeds

Any child can become a hero, as demonstrated by the “human arrow” kids who directed the police to robbers during our incredible adventure!

The teens, known as the "Tremendous Twelve," became internet sensations for forming a human arrow to help a police helicopter locate two escaping burglary suspects. Accompanied by their loyal Yorkshire terrier, Molly, they resembled characters from an Enid Blyton story.

Speaking to The Mail on Sunday, the children recounted their extraordinary adventure for the first time, saying, "We feel really proud – it was awesome." They were on an Easter egg hunt in a field near Capel, Surrey, when they noticed the helicopter circling above. The group ranged in age from six to twelve.

A nine-year-old girl remembered, "It was really loud, and we saw 'police' written underneath." They then spotted a man running along the edge of the field, taking off his jumper and wrapping it around his head.

They were attempting to yell at the pilot, she continued.

She explained that even though they shouted and waved to get the helicopter’s attention, it was heading in the opposite direction.

Then two of her friends suggested, "Let's form an arrow," and they arranged themselves on the ground.

After about a minute in the mud, the children saw the helicopter turn towards them.

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