“Eyes That Shine Brighter Than All The Diamonds In The World”: 17 Photos Of Children With Magnificently Beautiful Eyes!

Humans are born with eyes sensitive to light, closing instinctively to shield themselves. As we age, our eyes continually adapt and change. In elderly people, eyes often appear dull as their energy wanes, signaling the nearing end of their journey. Conversely, children's eyes are particularly fascinating and vibrant, radiating an inner light that reflects their boundless energy and curiosity.








Photographer Abdullah Aydemir, based in Istanbul, captures this unique vitality. Istanbul, a city of contrasts with its mix of wealth and poverty, diverse nationalities, and cherished street cats, provides a rich backdrop for his work. Aydemir believes the most compelling subjects aren’t found in studios but on the streets, especially children whose bright eyes serve as beacons to the weary and lost.






Aydemir views children's radiant gazes as symbols of unbridled creativity and excitement for the future. This youthful energy, evident in their eyes, inspires a desire to explore, create, and live fully—qualities often lost in adulthood. Children remind us of the essence of life, encouraging us to reconnect with our own inner light.






In his photos, many of the children appear dirty, with scratches and bruises, embodying the carefree and active nature of childhood. These candid, unposed shots capture genuine emotions, making the light in their eyes all the more striking and authentic.

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