Woman With ‘World’s Biggest Cheeks’ Is Unrecognizable In Pic Taken Six Years Ago

Today, plastic surgery has become increasingly accessible to a wider demographic. More and more individuals are altering their appearances, ranging from subtle adjustments to radical transformations. One Ukrainian model has earned the title of "the woman with the biggest cheeks" after undergoing numerous procedures over the past six years—so many, in fact, that they are difficult to tally. Her metamorphosis is truly striking; one would hardly recognize her as the same person. Be sure to watch her video, linked at the end of the article.

Image source: Twitter / @ETimesPhotos

Woman with the ‘world’s biggest cheeks’

Anastasia Pokreshchuk, a 33-year-old Ukrainian model, has transitioned from a conventional appearance to a uniquely contoured face. With a focus on her cheeks, she has undergone numerous procedures since the age of 26, including plastic surgery and various injections. Her transformation is so drastic that those who knew her before might struggle to recognize her now. Anastasia proudly claims to possess "the world's biggest cheeks."

In a post on Instagram last year, she prompted her followers to compare her former appearance to her current one. She shared two images: one from before she began undergoing procedures and another from six years later. The caption of the post asked, "Transformation – 26 and 32. Who will you choose?"

The post garnered 22,000 likes, with many expressing support for her despite the significant transformation she underwent. They embrace her, large cheeks and all. "Beautiful then and now," wrote one individual, while another commented, "Beautiful girl."

The not-so-positive

Not everyone admires Anastasia's transformation, and the 33-year-old model acknowledges that some individuals have been rather harsh toward her. However, she brushes off their negativity with a laugh. "I've had people call me names and suggest I should harm myself, but I just laugh it off and don't pay attention to it," Anastasia shared.

A commenter on her transformation post rudely remarked, "You used to look like a normal person, now you're like something out of a horror movie." Another individual believed she looked better before undergoing any cheek procedures and suggested she revert to her previous appearance, stating, "Go back to your old face – you were much more beautiful."

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Luscious lips and Chiseled cheeks

Anastasia began undergoing cosmetic procedures on her face at the age of 26. She has since spent thousands of British pounds solely on fillers. Her lips and cheeks have been significantly enlarged, becoming the standout features of her distinct appearance. "Once I had the injections and saw the transformation in my cheeks, I grew fond of them," she admitted. "I realize they might seem unusual to others, but I'm fine with it."

Image source: Twitter / @jcarrington

Her Instagram page now boasts a following of 82,000 people. She utilizes the platform to update her fans on any upcoming procedures. Speaking to The Sun, she remarked, "You might think they're too big, but I personally feel they're a bit small. I'll need to enhance them again soon."

Reportedly, she recently underwent another session of fillers to further augment her cheeks. She documented the entire procedure on social media and later proudly showcased her enhanced appearance at a shopping mall. Speaking to The Sun, Anastasia expressed her satisfaction, saying, "I love the result. I want them to maintain this appearance, and I'm very pleased with it. Additionally, I administer injections to other areas of my face regularly."

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