If You See A Plastic Bottle On Your Tire, Pay Close Attention

The modern lifestyle brings with it numerous challenges, including the rising cost of living and the constant pressure to work incessantly.

Amidst these various demands on our time and energy, it's essential to prioritize self-protection, especially in situations where failure to do so could lead to dire consequences.

If you ever find a plastic bottle lodged between your car tire and frame, it's crucial to remain alert and take immediate action. In such emergencies, dial 911 without delay.

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Criminals today are becoming more inventive than ever. In fact, they've devised a new method for stealing cars that is causing concern worldwide!

As a simple yet clandestine signal, potential car thieves have found a method to steal vehicles.

This method has rapidly gained traction, with incidents reported not only in the United States but also initially documented in Limpopo, South Africa.

The plan goes like this: after a would-be carjacker finds a target, they “mark” the vehicle by placing a water bottle on one of its wheels.

MotorBiscuit suggests that if you wish to conceal the bottle from the driver upon entering your car, you should place it on the wheel of the front passenger side.

As the driver starts to accelerate, an unsettling crackling noise resonates from the vacant plastic bottle.

The majority of drivers would promptly stop their vehicle to inspect what they might have struck.

Now would be the ideal time for the auto thief to make their move.

If thieves manage to enter a vehicle while the engine is running, they can swiftly steal the automobile and abscond with the owner's belongings.

Conversely, the perpetrator could exploit the chance to enter the vehicle and pilfer valuables like a phone or wallet left unattended.

Regardless of the situation, exiting the vehicle to investigate the source of the noise exposes the driver to potential danger.

Michigan radio station WCRZ advises taking a few seconds before entering your vehicle to inspect the wheels, as a precaution against this tactic.

Ensure that everything is in its correct position. Exercise caution if you notice a water bottle wedged between the tire and the frame, as the potential thief may be observing your actions.

Afterward, you can discreetly dial 911 to inform the authorities about the situation and express your concerns regarding your safety.

For a prompt response, provide precise details about your location and the make of your vehicle.

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