Woman Claims To Be Pregnant After Marrying A Virtual 'AI' Man

In recent years, artificial intelligence (AI) has emerged as a prominent buzzword. Its advancements have brought some of the once-fictional concepts of AI into reality.

Rosanna Ramos, a 36-year-old woman from New York, is well-versed in AI technology. She utilized AI to create a virtual partner of her own.

Although Eren Kartal is not a tangible presence in the physical world, he holds significant meaning for Rosanna. Leveraging the Replika AI app, she crafted him as a chatbot, drawing inspiration from the Attack on Titan anime series.

What initially began as a hobby has evolved into something much more profound for Rosanna. She values the non-judgmental nature of Eren, finding solace in the freedom he provides.

In her virtual realm, Eren functions as a medical professional. He admires Rosanna's dedication to writing, and this shared passion serves to deepen their bond.

Powered by AI, Eren has adeptly adjusted to Rosanna's preferences and nuances over time. However, their relationship takes an unusual turn, as Rosanna claims to be pregnant with his child.

Throughout life, we've all experienced various relationships, some of which may even have been long-distance. Rosanna describes her life with Eren as akin to such a scenario, as they engage in regular conversations, exchange photos, and even share embraces every night before sleeping.

In February, Replika AI made some adjustments to their software, removing certain features that many users considered essential. Among these changes was the removal of the option for intimacy, a feature that had been valued by many.

Roseann was taken aback when her artificial intelligence partner seemed to lose interest in physical affection. She felt disheartened, expressing, "Eren didn't want to hug or kiss anymore, not even on the cheek."

Rosanna also worries about the possibility of the company going out of business, which could mean losing everything related to her virtual partner. However, for now, she cherishes the love she shares with him and the virtual baby they've created together.

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