Colombian Model Shares Pictures Of Her Eight Months Pregnant Husband

A Colombian transgender model shared a touching image of herself kissing her husband's eight-month baby bump.

Danna Sultana, who was assigned male at birth and identifies as female, is pregnant with Esteban Landrau, who was assigned female at birth but identifies as male.

Earlier this month, the model took to Instagram to share the adorable image with her 219,000 followers, accompanied by the hashtag 'Love Is Love'.

According to local media reports, the deeply in love couple conceived their baby naturally, as both Danna and Esteban still have their natural organs.

A Colombian transgender model has posted a heartwarming photo of her kissing her husband's eight-month baby bump (pictured)

Danna Sultana, who was born male and identifies as female, is expecting a baby with her husband Esteban Landrau, who was born a woman but identifies as a man (pictured together)

During her eighth month of pregnancy, Esteban experienced what she thought were contractions, leading her to believe she might be going into premature labor.

The anxious couple hurried to a nearby hospital and even alerted their family to get ready for the imminent arrival of their baby boy.

Yet, doctors reassured them that his symptoms were typical for the eighth month of pregnancy, particularly considering their baby's size. Relieved, they returned home to make final preparations for the imminent arrival.

In a heartwarming video posted on the model's social media, Danna is captured kissing and gently caressing Esteban's prominent baby bump as he smiles lovingly at the camera.

They additionally shared endearing snapshots of themselves striking poses in their home garden, preceding the announcement of their son's name, Ariel.

Taking to Instagram, the model (pictured) shared the adorable image with her 219,000 followers earlier this month, along with the hashtag 'Love Is Love'

The loved-up couple conceived the baby naturally, as both Danna and Esteban (pictured together) still have their natural organs, local media reported

In one cute video shared to the model's social media account, Danna is seen kissing and caressing Esteban's bulging belly while he smiles for the camera (above)

On Monday, the model posted a photo posing alongside her husband's baby bump, captioning it: "We're almost there with our precious one."

Back in February, the couple revealed their pregnancy joyfully with a picture of them smiling at the camera, accompanied by the caption: "Dreams really do come true."

Dana and Esteban have garnered abundant support from their devoted Instagram followers throughout their journey of pregnancy.

A commenter expressed, "They exude beauty and inspire courage in countless transgender couples."

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