The Child, Only 13 Years Old, Had Terrible Marks On Her Neck

The potential downside of "overcharging" our phones, which means leaving them plugged in after they've fully charged, may decrease the battery's effectiveness over time. However, what about the impact on the charger? Leaving the charger constantly plugged into the wall outlet, whether it's behind the bed or next to the sofa, could be costing us money or posing a safety risk.


There have been numerous reports of phones catching fire or exploding while charging. Apart from using a genuine charger, it's essential to ensure that nothing covers your phone during charging, allowing the generated heat to disperse safely.

Regrettably, using the phone while it's charging can pose a danger to the user, as seen in the case of a 13-year-old girl from the United States.

The girl's mother noticed peculiar red marks on her daughter's neck after she complained of pain.

The burns were severe, prompting her mother to take her to the doctor's. At the hospital, it was discovered that she sustained them while talking to a friend with her phone plugged into a wall charger. The presence of a metal necklace caused an electric arc, resulting in the burns.

The mother is now sharing her daughter's story to prevent others from experiencing the same burns her daughter did.

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