Don’t Toss Those Eggshells! Here’s Why You Should Keep Them

Are you constantly using up a large quantity of eggs in your household? You're definitely not alone. Eggs aren't just tasty and full of protein; their shells also provide numerous benefits. Before you simply discard them, here are seven compelling reasons why you should consider holding onto those eggshells.

1. Natural Pest Deterrent

Are slugs, worms, and snails causing trouble for your lovely flowers? Don't worry! Sprinkle some crushed eggshells around the plants' base and witness the transformation. These pests detest the texture of eggshells, deterring them from invading your garden.

2. Repels Deer

Residing close to wooded areas often means dealing with deer nibbling on your plants. However, there's no need to worry! Simply scatter some crushed eggshells around your plants to deter these graceful creatures. Surprisingly, deer find the scent of eggshells repulsive. Give it a shot and say goodbye to unwanted plant munchers.

3. Bird Feed

Welcoming birds to your garden is a genuine joy. They not only enchant you with their melodious tunes but also aid in managing pesky insects. Here's a fun fact: birds absolutely love eggshells! Scatter some around your garden, and observe as these feathered companions eagerly gather to enjoy their beloved snack.

4. Boost Your Soil’s Health

Eggshells contain abundant calcium and other nutrients that can greatly benefit your soil. Incorporating crushed eggshells can improve the overall vitality of your soil, providing your plants with the essential nutrients they require to flourish.

5. Keep Your Veggies Healthy

Some vegetables such as tomatoes, eggplants, and peppers are susceptible to rotting because of calcium deficiencies. Avoid this problem by burying crushed eggshells beneath the soil around your vegetable plants. This simple step will help keep your veggies firm, vibrant, and bursting with flavor.

6. Achieve Balanced Soil

If your soil is too acidic for some of your beloved plants to thrive, fret not – eggshells can come to the rescue! By burying eggshells in the soil around these plants, you can help balance the pH level, providing a more conducive environment for their growth and prosperity.

7. Composting Made Easy

Why throw away eggshells when you can compost them instead? Crushed eggshells make a wonderful addition to your compost pile or bin. Composting them not only enriches your garden's overall health but also helps in reducing unnecessary waste.

Next time you crack open an egg, reconsider before discarding those shells. They can indeed have a significant impact on your garden and support a more environmentally conscious lifestyle.

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