Science Shows This 43-Year-Old ‘Curvy’ Model Has The ‘Perfect Body’

Science frequently confirms common knowledge, but occasionally it unveils new facts that can be astonishing. Recently, several scientific studies have suggested that a 43-year-old model may possess what is deemed the 'perfect body.'

However, what caught people off guard was her appearance... Keep reading to learn more about her!

For years, society has conditioned us to believe that the ideal female body is slender and model-like. However, prepare to have this perception shattered forever.

Beauty standards are constantly changing. Once, Marilyn Monroe's voluptuous figure epitomized beauty, while later, Kate Moss's incredibly slender physique took the spotlight. For a considerable period, women with the perfect hourglass shape and proportions were deemed beautiful.

However, this belief is now being questioned by a study conducted at Texas University. According to the study, the ideal female body is described as 'fuller' and possessing a 'curvier shape.' Researchers found that the perfect BMI is 18.85, accompanied by a 93 cm bust, a 61 cm waist, and 87 cm hips. Furthermore, the study emphasized the significance of the hip-to-waist ratio, which should ideally range between .65 to .75.

A British model named Kelly Brook perfectly matches all these measurements. While society may perceive her shape as 'plump' by today's beauty standards, according to science, she possesses the most desirable shape for men.

Ultimately, beauty is subjective. Everyone has different preferences, and perceptions of beauty vary from one individual to another, depending on their personal tastes and ideals.

While this scientific study may indicate what is considered the perfect body according to science, it doesn't imply that everything else is unacceptable or deemed unattractive. The study simply highlights that the conventional notion of beauty, particularly regarding thinness, is not the sole standard endorsed by science. In an era where diversity in beauty is increasingly emphasized, it's crucial to acknowledge that this study underscores precisely that—there's diversity in our perceptions of beauty.

Women categorized as plus-size by modeling industry standards are just as beautiful as any other model. Figures like Ashley Graham have been demonstrating this truth for years!

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