Rescue Takes In Severely Matted Dog Who Looks Like A Wig — Today She’s Unrecognizable

A haircut can significantly improve a dog's well-being, especially for those who have been neglected or are strays. These dogs often endure tangled and matted fur, leading to distress.

Not long ago, a stray dog was found with an abundance of fur, giving her the appearance of wearing a wig. Thankfully, her life changed for the better when a rescue organization intervened to provide her with a transformative makeover.

Mac's Mission, a non-profit dog rescue organization in Missouri, came to the aid of a severely matted dog discovered in the middle of the road. The dog, now named Pear, was in a dire state, entirely ensnared in dense and tangled fur.

According to the rescue team, Pear no longer resembled a dog; she appeared more like a wig or a tangled clump of hair.

The rescue organization took Pear in, and a team of volunteers immediately began assisting her. They conducted a special grooming session to meticulously remove all the dirt from her fur.

“We cleaned her up, shaved her, and gave her a bath to get rid of any dirt and fleas,” said Rochelle Steffen, the founder of the rescue, in an interview with Newsweek. “Afterwards, we settled her into one of our spaces and she fell asleep quickly.”

Throughout the process, Pear was very patient and well-behaved. “She was incredibly sweet and just sat there while we worked on removing the thick mats from her fur, which took quite some time.”

Steffen also noted that Pear was fortunate not to have any maggots in her fur and that she was lucky to have avoided being hit by a car. However, Pear is missing one of her eyes, likely due to an old injury.

Mac's Mission posted before and after pictures of Pear's treatment, revealing a remarkable transformation.

The rescue expressed their gratitude on Facebook, recognizing that Pear has a promising future ahead thanks to everyone's assistance.

Mac's Mission deserves appreciation for giving this adorable dog a much-needed transformation! It's incredible to see how stunning Pear looks now.

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