Postpartum Changes: Celebrity Moms Embracing Their Bodies

Delve into the postpartum transformations with celebrity mothers who embrace and celebrate their bodies. Uncover empowerment and self-love in the journey of motherhood.

Postpartum changes often go unnoticed on Instagram, where young mothers display seemingly flawless bodies shortly after childbirth. In reality, women's bodies need time to heal, and some changes may be permanent.

The Eyota will feature fourteen celebrities who openly share the postpartum changes their bodies experienced after pregnancy.

1. Kate Hudson

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At the age of 39, the actress welcomed her third child. Reflecting on her postpartum experience, she acknowledged the challenge for mothers with multiple children to carve out time for self-care. She expressed, "The routine with our baby is becoming more familiar, and I'm ready to begin dedicating a bit of time each day to focus on myself. For me, that means prioritizing my health. Why? Because I want to be here for my three kiddos for a long time."

2. Hilary Duff

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On Instagram, she posted a paparazzi photo with a message: "I'm sharing this for young girls, women, and mothers of all ages. I'm enjoying a vacation with my son after a long shooting season, spending weeks away from him during those months. Because websites and magazines love to highlight 'celeb flaws'—well, I have them!"

3. Halsey

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Shortly after giving birth, Halsey made an appearance on SNL. Fans were amazed by her postpartum physique, prompting her to share on Instagram, "My body has felt like a stranger's for a long time. Many people don't realize that you still look pregnant for a while after. It's still evolving, and I'm allowing it." She acknowledged that her body would never be the same and embraced the enduring changes, finding joy in the transformation.

4. Ashley Graham

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Ashley Graham, a champion of body positivity, openly shared photos of her stretch marks from her first pregnancy. After giving birth to twins this year, she posted a video, stating, "Sharing this video for all the moms who haven't and may never 'bounce back,' and for anyone who needs to be reminded that your body is beautiful in its most authentic form. This is my strong, five-month-postpartum body after being pregnant for two years, aiming to further normalize ALL bodies in every stage of life."

5. Chrissy Teigen

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Chrissy Teigen discusses her family's predisposition to stretch marks. Despite using creams during pregnancy, she openly embraces them, emphasizing the significance of accepting authentic bodies in a world dominated by FaceTune.

6. Blake Lively

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In her fourth pregnancy, Blake Lively reflects on past insecurities regarding her post-pregnancy body size. Now, feeling proud, she appreciates the beauty of her body and the miracle of motherhood.

7. Mila Kunis

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Since having a daughter, Mila Kunis has had to adjust her wardrobe. The actress, who was once flat-chested, now embraces bras, remarking, "I always dressed for a flat-chested girl, and now all of a sudden I have breasts. This is amazing to me. It's a whole new world!"

8. Jenny Mollen

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Jenny Mollen, raising two children with her American Pie star husband, Jason Biggs, found herself fixated on her C-section scar after the birth of their second child. She shared the outcome of her post-surgery experience on her Instagram, expressing gratitude to her doctor.

9. Tia Mowry

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Tia Mowry found it challenging to accept the immediate changes to her body after undergoing two natural births. She felt apprehensive upon seeing postpartum women in magazines. It took time for her to fully embrace her new body.

10. Alyssa Milano

© milano_alyssa / Instagram

Alyssa Milano, a mother of two, embarked on a journey to reach her "happy" weight after her pregnancies through a low-carb diet and regular exercise. Despite shedding pounds, she cherishes her C-section scar, expressing, "I love my C-section scar because it's where my babies came from."

11. Olivia Munn

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Olivia Munn, a new mother since late 2021, recognizes the trials of motherhood but embraces each moment. She openly discusses her physical and mental transformations, affirming, "The postpartum journey is tough, but it's incredibly rewarding. My body hasn't bounced back, but it brought this little guy into the world, so I only feel love for it."

12. Ashley Tisdale

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Ashley Tisdale acknowledges the difficulty of embracing her body post-labor. Despite her efforts with activities like hiking, pilates, and Peloton, she confesses, "Even with all the hiking, pilates, and riding my Peloton, I still don't feel at ease in my body. I've started fitting into some jeans again, but not the size I was before. Everyone keeps saying it takes time to grow the baby and it takes time to shed the 'baby' weight. That's the reality."

13. Amy Schumer

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Amy Schumer, known for her openness, shared her journey towards post-baby body positivity. A year later, she dealt with endometriosis and chose to undergo liposuction, stating, "If anyone notices I look thinner in pictures or anything, it's because I had surgery."

14. Jessie James Decker

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Three weeks after giving birth, the singer shared a photo, highlighting that the 'pregnant' belly is a normal occurrence post-childbirth. She expressed, "I know I say this after each baby, but remember what our bodies just went through for 9 months and be proud. Don't stress over the post-baby body, just enjoy your new baby because these are beautiful moments and memories you will cherish forever."

What are your thoughts on whether every mother should embrace her postpartum changes? Feel free to share your opinion in the comments below!


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