Mom Posts Pic of Her Breastfeeding in Costco and Finally Responds to Backlash

Controversy is no stranger to our society. What works for some may not work for others, and everyone seems to have an opinion on the "right way" to do things. One topic that has stirred a variety of opinions is breastfeeding, particularly in public. Recently, a woman shared a photo on this topic, sparking a flurry of mixed feedback.

Breastfeeding Goes Viral

Breastfeeding plays a vital role in ensuring a baby's nourishment and well-being. Additionally, it offers numerous benefits such as fostering a strong emotional bond between mother and child and promoting a healthy immune system. Despite these advantages, breastfeeding in public can make some individuals uncomfortable and even provoke anger for various reasons. Trinati, an Instagram user with over 7,000 followers, shared a photo in 2017 of herself breastfeeding her daughter inside a Costco. She emphasized her commitment to feeding her 17-month-old daughter wherever they are, never hesitating to provide for her children. Consequently, she often finds herself breastfeeding in public settings.

She asked her son to take the picture because “I never want to forget (show my daughter in the future) the lengths we, as mothers, will go to when ensuring our kids are well looked after no matter the situation,” Trinati explained.

“I don’t expect all men or those who have never breastfed to understand the ways in which mothers have the endurance to deal with nipple-pinching or straight-up acrobatics while breastfeeding,” she continued. “I have received the strangest glances and awkward giggles when people watch my 1.5-year-old standing on my lap while suckling … sometimes on one leg!”

Commenting on the Criticism

Despite encountering criticism from the public, Trinati also faces teasing from her loved ones, who jest about her potentially breastfeeding until her daughter is in Kindergarten. Nonetheless, she remains undeterred because her priority is to breastfeed "for as long as [her daughter] needs."

She also shared that she wanted to make a point to the public, removing the negativity around breastfeeding in public. Some have argued that it’s inappropriate because it potentially sexualizes her out in public. In contrast, Trinati exclaimed, “Really? Have you SEEN breastfeeding breasts? My nipples are very far from looking like something someone may fantasize about! Ha!”

She continued, “These are basically udders right now. Get over yourself! I’m not trying to steal your man or lady with these bad girls! To me, they have become so far from feeling like a sexual part of my body. Right now, they belong to my child for nourishment, both physically and emotionally.” Moreover, other moms have publicly spoken up or shared pictures of themselves also breastfeeding. Trinati shed some light on that by explaining, “My baby’s needs come waaaaaay before anyone else’s attempts to make me feel inappropriate for this sometimes-public act of nourishing and/or comforting my children.”

Countless Benefits are Provided

Breastfeeding offers both nourishment and comfort for infants and even toddlers, provided that both mother and child are in agreement. According to the CDC, breastfeeding also confers health benefits to mothers, such as lowering the risk of certain illnesses like ovarian and breast cancer, as well as type 2 diabetes. The subject has become so contentious that even celebrity mothers have expressed support for mothers like Trinati. Some notable examples include Chrissy Teigen, Olivia Munn, Ronda Rousey, and Vanessa Morgan.

The ongoing debate surrounding breastfeeding, particularly in public, has left mothers feeling weary. Consequently, many are speaking out in defense of their right to nourish their children as they see fit, and whenever they deem necessary.

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