Meghan Markle, 42, Sees Herself as Princess Diana’s ‘Heir’: Royal Expert Explains the Sign

In the world of royalty and celebrity, few personalities have captured the public's imagination as profoundly as Princess Diana and Meghan Markle. Now, a royal expert has offered insights into Markle's mindset.

Since the onset of her relationship with Prince Harry, Meghan Markle has faced intense public scrutiny. Some have drawn comparisons between her and Princess Diana, while others have suggested she could never live up to her late mother-in-law.

Princess Diana, known for her compassion and willingness to challenge traditional royal protocols, left behind a legacy of humanitarian efforts and personal openness that transformed the British monarchy.

Markle, formerly an American actress and now the Duchess of Sussex, has forged her own journey, challenging conventions and enduring intense scrutiny as she navigates her role within the same institution.

In a recent development, Markle, now 42, has embarked on a new venture by launching her lifestyle brand, American Riviera Orchard. This ambitious and personal endeavor has sparked discussions about her connection to Diana’s legacy, prompting insights from royal experts and eliciting diverse reactions from the public.

American Riviera Orchard represents Markle’s latest step in crafting a life that merges public influence with private entrepreneurial ambition.

The brand, which will offer an array of homewares products, signifies her commitment to creating a legacy that transcends her royal title.

Notably, the brand’s launch coincided with The Diana Award ceremony, a decision that royal expert Tom Quinn suggests is no mere coincidence.

Quinn suggests that Markle perceives herself as "Diana’s heir," a woman who, akin to her late mother-in-law, confronts intense media scrutiny while endeavoring to utilize her platform for personal and societal advancement.

However, this association with Diana’s legacy has triggered debate, with some interpreting it as a reverent homage to the past, while others condemn it as exploiting royal affiliations.

The comparisons made between Markle and Princess Diana are nothing new. Prince Harry himself has frequently emphasized the similarities between the two most significant women in his life.

In their Netflix documentary series, "Harry & Meghan," Harry underscored Markle's compassion, empathy, and warmth, qualities he closely associates with his mother.

This comparison goes beyond personality traits, delving into their shared experiences with media scrutiny and their mutual aspiration to utilize their public platforms for advocacy and positive change.

In a segment from the documentary, Prince Harry recounted a night when he and Meghan were staying in a room at Buckingham Palace after a royal engagement.

Despite the presence of most royal family members, including his grandmother Queen Elizabeth II, the individual the media chose to feature on the front page was Markle.

Numerous royal fans accused Markle of attempting to overshadow other royals, but Prince Harry clarified that the media determined who appeared on the front page, not the royals themselves.

However, this link to Diana’s legacy presents a dual-edged blade, serving as both a wellspring of inspiration and a potential source of contention within and beyond the royal family.

Detractors contend that Markle’s business ventures, especially the timing of her brand’s introduction, suggest a strategic maneuver to align her image with Diana’s lasting influence.

This viewpoint implies a nuanced balance between personal ambition and public perception, wherein every decision is meticulously analyzed for its authenticity and adherence to royal traditions.

However, Markle's supporters perceive her actions as a continuation of Diana's legacy, a means of paying tribute to her memory by embracing the same ethos of autonomy and social awareness.

Therefore, the debut of American Riviera Orchard signifies more than merely the unveiling of a new brand. It serves as an expression of identity and intent from Markle, a proclamation of how she desires to be perceived and commemorated.

Through aligning her entrepreneurial endeavors with Diana's legacy, Markle is establishing a realm where her efforts can be personally gratifying while also serving the greater good.

Yet, the journey she treads is laden with parallels and anticipations, where each of her actions is scrutinized against the backdrop of her late mother-in-law's legacy.

As Markle persists in constructing her brand and shaping her public image, the discourse surrounding her ties to Princess Diana's legacy is expected to endure.

Simultaneous with embarking on her entrepreneurial endeavor, Markle is also crafting her identity on her and her husband's fresh website. Previously noted, the couple unveiled a new website where Markle made adjustments to her publicly-used name.

Upon unveiling the new website, Prince Harry and Markle made the shift from the Sussex Royal URL handle to a simpler "Sussex" designation. Despite their withdrawal from official royal responsibilities, they maintain the use of their titles. The website features a dedicated section aimed at providing the public with further understanding of their lives and endeavors.

Significantly, Meghan's page introduces her solely by her first name, excluding her family name. This choice mirrors a customary tradition among British Royals, who are often addressed by their first names and titles.

Meghan's story on the website traces her upbringing, portraying her evolution from a young girl in Southern California to the influential figure she has become today. The page also highlights her advocacy work for women's rights, mental health awareness, gender equality, and family welfare.

Meghan’s impact and recognition are also highlighted through her inclusion in various world rankings, marking her as a notable figure on the global stage.

Currently residing in California as parents of two children, Meghan and Harry have embarked on a new chapter, distancing themselves from their roles as senior members of the British Royal Family.

Their children, Prince Archie and Princess Lilibet, whose names symbolize their enduring ties to Harry's heritage, play a significant role in their lives in America.

After their relocation, the couple initiated the Archewell Foundation and introduced the podcast "Archetypes," endeavors that underscore their ongoing dedication to public service and dialogue.

Meghan's information can be found on the Royal Family's official website, albeit with limited details regarding her advocacies and activities.

It mentions that she and her husband have stepped back as senior members, stating, “The Duchess will continue to support various charitable causes and organizations that align with her longstanding interests, including the arts, education access, women’s support, and animal welfare.”

In response to King Charles' recent cancer diagnosis, Prince Harry returned to London to support his father, while Meghan Markle opted to remain in America during this time.

The rationale behind Meghan's decision to stay in America, although not officially confirmed, was disclosed by the King's former butler, Grant Harrold.

“Meghan made the decision that it was best to stay home with the children, and maybe she feels that this is something Harry has got to do alone,” he said. “It’s his father. She’s aware of the close relationship and probably encouraged him to come over.

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