Absolutely Hilarious License Plates We’ve Seen In A While

When folks come across vanity license plates, it's almost instinctive to let out a sigh. This person is dead set on making a statement with their license plates, going for the ultimate personalized touch, instead of settling for a random jumble of letters and numbers like the rest of us. "Hey, check me out, everyone!"

Well, in certain instances, that's true. Some opt for witty license plates to flaunt their wealth and supposed lack of humor, while others utilize this tiny space for advertising that tickles our funny bone.

In essence, any kind of roadside amusement is bound to be welcomed during a long car journey, wouldn't you agree?

Despite the DMV and other automotive authorities' efforts to uphold decorum and diminish the allure of imaginative license plate designs, these individuals have found a loophole in the system

This compilation highlights the best instances of creative license plates, ranging from dad jokes and Pokémon references to clever riddles!

Check out this list of the best license plates, and be sure to share your thoughts with us in the comments below!



According to Chrysler Capital, the earliest state-issued license plates were made of iron and covered with porcelain enamel. Interestingly, Delaware is the only state that still sells porcelain plates, with prices starting at $110.

"Due to the impracticality of porcelain plates, manufacturers began experimenting with alternative materials like cardboard, leather, and even pressed soybeans."



In 1928, Idaho introduced the first graphic license plates, featuring an image of a potato, a fitting symbol for the state known for its potato production.

Shortly after, in 1931, Pennsylvania introduced the first personalized license plate. Reflecting the growing prosperity of Americans, custom or official vanity license plates gained significant popularity.

“The increased fees for custom, personalised or vanity official licence plates have earned the states hundreds of millions of dollars and a great source of tax revenue for education (colleges), wildlife conservation and other projects.”





Today, license plates are typically mass-produced by governments, often utilizing inmates as cheap labor. However, there are exceptions to this practice. Alaska, Hawaii, and Oregon rely on privately held factories to manufacture their state license plates, setting them apart from the rest of the country.

The US Postal Service does not show or require licence plates on its vehicles.

Finally, personalized license plates are legal in every state across the United States. Virginia boasts the highest percentage of custom plates, followed by New Hampshire and Illinois. Conversely, Texas has the lowest usage of personalized plates among all 50 states. What insights can we draw from these variations among states?







What is the World’s Finest Licence Plate?

Determining the "baddest" license plates is subjective and relies on individual tastes and the level of humor one appreciates. Nonetheless, the internet offers a treasure trove of fascinating information, including details on the most expensive and funniest license plate designs.

Here it is, therefore, without further ado. Internet users as a whole think this is the most awesome licence plate ever:

The number “P7” appears on a vehicle number plate.

What sets it apart? The owner splurged a staggering fifteen million dollars on this plate, earning it the title of the most expensive vanity plate ever. In August 2023, it went up for auction, with all proceeds generously donated to a noble cause. The sheer price tag adds an extra layer of awe!

And the “P7” plate? It doesn’t mean anything! Just because it’s unique doesn’t mean it’s cheap. Oh, what a shame! Vanity plate concepts have always seemed so cool to us because of the hidden meanings behind them.











A license plate has recently gone viral on social media, drawing widespread attention. People couldn't help but notice the clever hiding of a potentially provocative term on a Kia Sportage's license plate, spotted in a parking lot at a Perth shopping center!

What do you think of these 12 hilarious licence plates? Which one would you say is the funniest?

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