Wife Refused To Pull The Plug On Her Husband, He Woke Up 3 Years Later And Said 2 Words

Within less than a year of their marriage, Matt and Danielle Davis faced a harrowing ordeal when Matt sustained grave injuries in a motorcycle accident. It was July 2011 when his bike collided with an illegally parked car while merging onto an interstate. The impact inflicted a multitude of severe injuries, comprising multiple fractures, organ damage, and traumatic brain injury, rendering Matt unconscious and reliant on life support.

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Following Her Intuition

Physicians advised Danielle to consider withdrawing life support for her husband, as they estimated a mere 10% chance of him emerging from the coma. Alongside numerous fractures in his femur, jaw, ribs, collarbone, and skull, Matt suffered a lacerated liver and significant brain trauma, leaving only a slim 5% possibility of a full recovery. Danielle shared in a television interview that doctors had even expressed their personal inclination to discontinue life support in such circumstances.

"They mentioned they would opt for the same choice for their loved ones," she recounted, despite her steadfast decision to diverge from their counsel. "I firmly believed in God's ability to guide us through this challenge. I never doubted that it was within His power," she affirmed.

Matt and Daniella's courtship lasted merely two months before they tied the knot. At the time, she was 24, and Matt was 23. Just seven months into their marriage, tragedy struck with the accident. Compounding the situation, Matt had lost his father two years prior, leaving his mother too unwell to provide care after his own devastating accident. Despite the odds, Daniella made the difficult choice to keep him on life support. Upon awakening, Matt found himself grappling with the aftermath of brain damage, erasing memories of Daniella. Nevertheless, he expressed gratitude for their union, affirming to ABC news, "I'm certainly glad I married her."

Till death us do part

Danielle relocated with Matt to her mother's residence, where they assumed the responsibility of his care. During the initial three months, Matt remained in a coma. Upon regaining consciousness, he began to track their movements with his eyes. Reflecting on the situation, Danielle expressed her desire to provide Matt with the finest environment possible, telling her mother, "If we're bringing him home, let's ensure he has the most magnificent vista." She emphasized the importance of offering him a stimulating view, recognizing that even as he lay confined to a bed, it could offer solace and inspiration.

They collaborated to help Matt practice the exercises his therapist had prescribed during rehabilitation sessions, such as holding up objects and encouraging him to grasp them. Danielle vividly recalls the moment when Matt successfully reached out and seized a toy motorcycle. "It may seem insignificant, but to us, it was nothing short of a miracle," she reflected.

He took his first steps almost three years after the accident

While Matt's physical condition showed signs of improvement, the healing process for his brain trauma proved to be more protracted. He faced challenges in reclaiming his long-term memory and remained unable to recall Danielle from their pre-accident life. Upon emerging from the coma, he found himself unfamiliar with her identity. Consequently, they embarked on a journey of rediscovery, getting to know each other anew.

The road to rehabilitation is both gradual and financially burdensome. In an effort to alleviate some of the costs, Danielle established a GoFundMe campaign, although it is now inactive. In her appeal, she shared, "It's been 3 1/2 years since Matt's accident, and his progress continues! He's off all medications and relies on forearm crutches for short distances under supervision. Unfortunately, insurance coverage for therapy has ceased. Individuals with Traumatic Brain Injury require extensive rehabilitation, and progress can continue even a decade post-injury. However, insurance often falls short in covering the necessary therapy, hindering individuals from reaching their full potential."

It took a while for Matt to rediscover his sense of humor. However, there was a moment that reassured Daniella of his enduring quirky personality. He quietly requested his favorite meal, a buffalo chicken wrap from Cheddars. "Though it was a whisper, I knew I heard him correctly. Cheddars was his absolute favorite before the accident!" she recalled, realizing that despite the challenges, some things remained unchanged.

Matt and Danielle’s Instagram has not been active since 2017. We hope they are doing well!


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