Everyone Is Speechless. This Is What 70-Year-Old Madonna Looks Like With No Filters And Retouching

As one may observe, Madonna is still fervently dedicated to maintaining the same beauty and allure she was known for. To achieve this, she undergoes various measures, including surgeries, beauty procedures, as well as retouching and filters.

Many have observed her obsession with her appearance, with her ultimate goal seeming to be eternal youth and beauty. She doesn't hesitate to flaunt herself in bold and daring outfits, including miniskirts and revealing lingerie.

No matter how diligently she strives to uphold that "perfect" image, her age inevitably becomes apparent. In paparazzi photos without retouching, her true face, with wrinkles and other imperfections, is revealed.

She was recently photographed arriving at a party celebrating her own book, and the paparazzi didn't miss the opportunity to capture the "right" moment.

Her provocative corset, fishnet tights, and black blazer caught everyone's attention at the event. Many observed her sagging skin and deep wrinkles, highlighting a notable contrast between her appearance in real life and her Instagram persona.

Many made ironic remarks, suggesting that she was making a concerted effort to defy aging. "A granny who refuses to age!" "How long did I sleep?" "I can't believe my eyes. Is this the same woman?" "Social media vs. Reality."

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