Cat With Face Of Split-Colored Becomes A Father To Two Kittens Of Each Color

Today we found an adorable news about an adorable cat who has his face split in half. All right, it maybe didn’t sound exactly how we meant it to be, but trust us, the adorable part of that sentence is an absolute.

Meet Narnia. A not-so-chimera cat. Yes, it was a surprise for many people to know that this one is not a chimera; chimera is a special genetic condition where anyone who is a chimera has cells with two separate DNA types instead of one. The word came from, of course the Greek mythological creature Chimera, a fire-breathing lion-goat hybrid with a serpent’s tail.

With that being clear, let’s come back to our main subject, Narnia. The British Shorthair was born in 2017 and living in France with his owner Stephanie Jiminez. Being a professional cat breeder Stephanie realized how unique Narnia was as soon as he was born. With perfectly split two colors and his icy blue eyes and everything.

Throughout the years Narnia has been father to many kittens. But this time he manages to separate his two colors into two separate children. You will see them as you scroll down the page. The blue kitten is Phoenix and the black one named Prada. Unfortunately, though many of Narnia’s children had his blue eyes, neither of these to inherited them. However, that doesn’t make them any less adorable as you can see.

You can see many many photos of Narnia as you scroll down the page. Also his perfect split kittens and their mother too. You are always welcome to share your ideas with us in the comments section below. Happy browsing! And please make sure you share this with other people too. This can be great conversation starter, you know. Spread the joy!

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