11 Photos Of Sleeping Kittens That Will Make Your Eyes Wet With Their Cuteness

Cats are adorable creatures and we all agree on that. Even though there is a conflict about “cat people” and “dog people,” even though some people prefer dogs over cats as their animal companion, that doesn’t mean they can’t admire cats’ cuteness. After all, these are not even full grown cats. These are kittens. Adorable, cute, sleeping kittens that can make you want to adopt a one for yourself.

There is so much happiness in these photos that they can wash away any negative emotion in an instant. Sadness, stress, depression, frustration, you name it, they will do it. By all means, scroll down to the page to witness your today happy pill. Before you leave, please make sure to share the happy article with your friends and family members they will love it. Or just share it to the world so someone who is in need will see it. Spread the joy!

#1 These two sibling fur balls never sleep apart

#2 Is the blanket comfy enough buddy?

#3 "So many toilet papers! I'm done!"

#4 When you are kittens and you are together, it's time to be adorable!

#5 Happy dreams? Maybe she finally caught the laser point

#6 As long as he sleeps, I sleep too

#7 Where else is better than mother's cuddly cushion.

#8 A good stretch is always healthy

#9 "Haven't you seen sleeping cats before?"

#10 A bed is always fancy right?

#11 A cute little side nap

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