Woman Upload Cute Photos of Her Cat and Husband Saying That Cat Stole Him From Her

What would you do if you lose your partner to a cat? Won’t be so pleasant right? It is kind of the case in the story we have here today. But here it is rather cute.

The guy in these photos are Nasrin Hami’s husband. And the Scottish Fold cat is Jarvis. These guys are from Thailand. They took the internet like a storm after Nasrin posted these cute photos of her husband with their cat Jarvis.

They went viral and got thousands off likes and comments after these got shared by the Facebook page Super Cats

Other than owning humans in the house there are more things Jarvis like to do. Like sleeping and watching the birds at the window kind of things. Nasrin mentioned these once in an interview.

She also said that Jarvis is a guy even though most people mistaken him as a girl. Honestly, at first we thought he is a girl too. That is a honest mistake right?

“Jarvis he always loving and affectionate with my husband and he acts the same way with me and is friendly with everyone who visits our home.” Nasrin said further. Looks like he didn’t just stole her husband but herself as well.

Jarvis is in fact more than 6 years old. With the all popularity he is gaining people are trying to buy him. Nasrin is certain they are never going to sell him to any price. She said that on her Facebook page Baan Nee Tong Mee Meow. She even called him ‘lovebug’ there.

So what do you think of this ‘lovebug’ and his affection towards his owners? Or maybe we can discuss about who is owning who exactly here. Hit the comment section our beloved readers, it’s all yours. Share this with your friends and family.

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