Wildlife Photographer Captures Perfect Photo of Obedient Bison Following The "Bison Crossing" Rules On The Sign

His name is Tim Osborne. The photographer; not the bison. Anyway, Osborne is a Canadian wildlife photographer who are well experienced in the field. This is a scene he got to witness around Elk Island National Park, near Edmonton, Canada. 

Due to the fact that him being a pro wildlife photographer we got the chance to see that scene as well. Probably in even better angles than we seeing it first-hand. Because, you know, being a professional and all, he knows exactly where to look and how to look.

Osborne’s caption for this photo when he posted this on twitter was “Nice to see that the Parks Canada staff have successfully trained the bison to use their marked crossings!” Clearly, a man with humor. This post got so many reactions from people all over the world. The best part was even Parks Canada themselves replied to that post saying that they take their training very seriously. A joke, people. Obviously. They don’t actually train animals.

There are pretty close shots in this collection. Don’t get it wrong he never got close to the bison to take those photos. “I certainly don’t mess around when it comes to something like the bison. They seem pretty tame, but I wouldn’t want to get on their bad side.” He said. See, you are cautious when you are experienced. And he said he have a long telephoto lens just for jobs like this.

Good thing he was in the right place at the right time. It’s pretty hilarious if you think about it, a bison crossing road near a ‘bison crossing’ sign. You can see that photo and few more of his shoot in the collection below.

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Tim Osborne, Canadian wildlife photographer took the lucky shot of bison crossing the road near a “bison crossing” sign at Elk Island National Park. Browse through to see more photos of the amazing beast.

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