Heroic Dog Mother Jumps Into Deep Floodwater Risking Her Life to Save Her Puppy

A mother’s love is a mother’s love. It doesn’t matter if you are human or animal, that is the most dedicated, selfless love that you can ever witness. As a prove, we brought you one soul touching video today.

This heart felt incident of a stray dog mother jumping into fiercening floodwater to save her puppy who trapped in middle of the flood reported from Sichuan, China’s south-western province.

There are some kind humans involved in this story as well. After seeing this mother struggling with her puppies to cross the river, which was after the place they lived in all covered by the flood, locals call the police and gathered some help to save them. That is what any good human would do right.

But one man had a little bigger heart than that. He acted even further, swam across the flood and brought back five of them to the land. Yes, five. He left one puppy behind because, you know, he is only human after all. There are limits. he even tried to go back for the last puppy but, since the tides were raising, a police officer stopped him saying it’s too dangerous to him to go. That’s true, it’s not right to ask to risk a one life over another anyway.

It only took an instant to the mother dog to realize one of her babies are missing and in the next second she was sprinting back to the water to get her puppy back. We told earlier that it is not right to ask to risk a life like that. Well, who can stop a mother anyway? She dove into the water before even anyone think to react. She swam as fast her can, she reached her baby, she brought her baby back to the land, safely.

You can see all that in the video below. People who were watching this scene cheered and applauded when mama dog safely came back with her baby. As we heard it, locals had adopted all the dogs after this incident. Like we said, ‘kind humans’.

This video took over all Chinese social media like a wildfire. After all, who can resist sharing something like this? Chinese has named this scene as ‘the power of mother’s love’.

We can safely assume that all of us can agree on that right? Unless if you have a better name to suggest of course. Share your valuable thoughts and experiences with us in the comments below. Show this to your loved ones. Show them that you know how powerful is a mother’s love.

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