30 Pics of Hilarious Kitchen Fails and Few Little Painful (New Pics)

When you do something, there is a chance that you do a mistake. That doesn’t mean you should avoid doing anything. Even the best of us do mistakes. Don’t get discourage. Keep trying and one day you will become pro as long as you do it in the right way.

Meanwhile you can share your mistakes online and laugh with the people who also trying to be better, just like you. There are so many hilarious moments as well as “I can’t watch this” kind of situations. Remember to share the laughter with your loved ones too. Go through and share your ideas down the comment section. We value your ideas.

#1 We Think We Know What She Was Trying To Do

Image source: howierid

#2 Those Dumplings Look Like Some Kind Of A Halloween Decoration

#3 20 Cups Of Uncooled Rise. Wasted! Shouldn’t Have Left The Food Alone With That Guy

Image source: TheLoxFox

#4 The Mixer Giving You Trouble Grandma? Her Face Says It All

Image source: Bungalowbeast

#5 They Said It Looks Like Walruses. Now We Can’t Unsee It

Image source: chiquitamichi

#6 When Your Wife Insists To Keep Coffee Beans Near Dog Food. I Mean Why Didn’t You See That Coming?

Image source: Chaosbutters87

#7 If You Leave Your Pot Without Water For Long Enough On The Heat, Sometimes It Melts

Image source: hibellagrace

#8 Well, This Brownie Mixture Is Messed Up

Image source: 55555

#9 We All Had Our Fair Share Of Tears For Dinner Right

Image source: MrsMolotov420

#10 The Grill Looks Like “Dude, How? Why? What Is Wrong With You?”

Image source: Bloodycrabs

#11 You Got To Learn How To Cremate Properly Before You Try It. Even If It’s Just Ribs

Image source: DilligafDiva

#12 “Pasta Spill Method 101”

Image source: Nvr2Much

#13 How NOT To Transport Currywurst

Image source: Clyde_Ju

#14 Try Not To Ask Help From The Fire Department When You Make Popcorn

Image source: flooptyscoops

#15 Worst Pain As A Chef

Image source: CrystalProtocol

#16 Crying Is The Only Thing You Can Do When This Happen Just Before Your Husband’s Parents Visit You

Image source: kent_ankerous

#17 They Might Not Taste Good When You Forget Put Eggs, But At Least They Look Pretty

Image source: themattcrumb

#18 Messed Up But Still Kind Of Looks Cute

Image source: boneskull

#19 It Could Have Gone Better

Image source: pandyxxx

#20 Next Time, Wear A Hazmat Suit When You Make Hot Sauce

Image source: reddit.com

21. This Is A Fair Mistake That Can Happen To Anybody. Don't Laugh At The Poor Guy

Image source: Shaneblaster

#22 It Was An Attempt To Make Donuts. Nothing Else

Image source: merrell0

#23 Here We Have A Nice Lattice Crust Under That Upside Down Cactus Pot

Image source: fabuji

#24 The Fly Is Only In One Cookie. We Still Can Eat The Rest Right?

Image source: ComfyInDots

#25 If You Are Confused, This Is A Pizza

Image source: 1115_clkura

#26 Bread Baking Failure. Yes, We Know How It Looks Like

Image source: tuxiaobai

#27 As The Chef Says “Omelette Au Fromage Turned Into Omelette Au Floormage”

Image source: laripop

#28 When You Realize You Backed Cookies With Cumin Instead Of Cinnamon

Image source: MhmCandii

#29 If You Flip A Steak In A Curved Pan, The Butter Splash Out. It’s Not A Flat Bottom Wok People. Think…

Image source: Vicarious124

#30 So You Were Trying To Hide The Flour From The Kid So He Wouldn’t Make A Mess? Nicely Done

Image source: SubrinaSky

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