Royal ‘Victoria Crown Pigeon’ Is the World’s Biggest and Most Attractive Pigeon

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Over 300 species of pigeons and doves on the globe, some of them are unexpectedly beautiful. When compared to other pigeon species, the Victoria crowned pigeon (Goura Victoria) is the most intriguing.

This gorgeous bird may be regarded as the supermodel of the pigeon world, with a beautiful crest of feathers on its head.

The pigeon, which is native to New Guinea, is named after Queen Victoria the renowned 19th-century British ruler. Deep blue-grey feathers, a maroon breast, and a black mask accented by vivid red eyes characterize this huge ground-dwelling pigeon. But it's the crest that truly sets it apart. The Victoria crowned pigeon is one of three species of crowned pigeons with a distinct crest capped with white-tipped feathers. The pigeon's magnificent feathers contribute to its exquisite, royal look.

The Victoria crowned pigeon is distinguished from the other two species of crowned pigeons by its white-tipped crest. The western crowned pigeon (Goura cristata) and Scheepmaker's crowned pigeon (Goura scheepmakeri) have a scraggly crown that resembles a nest of hair, despite their similar appearance.

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Although all crowned pigeons are bigger than other pigeons, the Victoria crowned pigeon is the biggest living species. They are enormous pigeons, weighing up to 7.7 pounds and measuring up to 30 inches in length. The common pigeon, also known as the rock dove, is just half as long and weighs less than a pound. Given that Victoria crowned pigeons eat fallen fruits, they especially enjoy figs. It’s remarkable how much food they must consume to gain that much weight. In reality, their size is more comparable to that of a medium-sized chicken than a pigeon.

These sociable birds prefer to travel in couples or groups when foraging for food. Unless disturbed, they'll wander along the forest floor picking fruit. Then, when they fly up into the trees for protection they'll create a loud clapping noise. Victoria crowned pigeons are becoming increasingly uncommon in the natural, owing to their beauty which makes them the most popular crowned species in captivity.

These magnificent birds are steadily losing habitat owing to deforestation, and they are also being hunted for their feathers and meat. Owing to overhunting they are rarely encountered in inhabited areas. IUCN Red List of Threatened Species, they are presently classified as "Near Threatened."

The Victoria crowned pigeon is a huge bird with a beautiful feather crest.

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These graceful birds are native to New Guinea, although they are currently mostly found in captivity.

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Two additional species of crowned pigeon appear similar but have a less pronounced crest.

Western crowned pigeon (Photo: Stock Photos from Alexandre Tziripouloff/Shutterstock)

Western crowned pigeon (Photo: Stock Photos from Danny Ye/Shutterstock)

Scheepmaker's crowned pigeon (Photo: Stock Photos from Anky/Shutterstock)

Scheepmaker's crowned pigeon (Photo: Stock Photos from Stephen Barnes/Shutterstock)

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