Cameraman Tours Around The World to Capture The Elegance of Red Hair

Photographer travels the world to capture the one-of-a-kind beauty of red hair Brian Dowling, an entertaining photographer has photographed celebrity redheads such as Julia Roberts, Julianne Moore, and Amy Adams, but his latest project focuses on the beauty of everyday female redheads.

Kiev, Ukraine

His goal is to highlight the beauty and uniqueness of this unusual hair color. Only 2% of people have this flaming hair color which is generated by both parents carrying the recessive MC1R gene. Even if both parents inherit the gene their descendants have a 25% chance of having red hair.

Many people identify red hair with Scotland and Ireland which have 13% and 10% of the world's natural redheads respectively, but Dowling's journey throughout the world demonstrates that they come from many nations. Each woman proudly displays her locks, as well as other traits such as freckles and pale complexion that redheads are known for.

Dowling is compiling his work for the art book Redhead Beauty which will be released following a successful Kickstarter campaign. The photographer adds that the photos were taken without the use of a cosmetic artist, special lighting, or excessive Photoshop. Dowling states, "I wanted it to be evident that these photographs are true representations of the model and that people stop stereotyping redheads."

Brian Dowling spent three years shooting over 130 redheads from 20 different nations.

Washington State, USA

Odessa, Ukraine

Vienna, Austria

Odessa, Ukraine

Moscow, Russia

Hamburg, Germany

Apucarana, Brazil

Only 2% of the population is redheaded, and because recessive genes are frequently linked together, many are also left-handed.

London, England

London, England

Stirling, Scotland

Stuttgart, Germany

Essex, England

St. Petersburg, Russia

Redheads have fewer hair strands than blondes or brunettes but each strand is significantly thicker giving the appearance of more hair.

Texel, Netherlands

Breda, Netherlands

California, USA

Best, Netherlands

Virginia, USA

South Africa and California, USA

Scotland and Ireland have 13% and 10% of the world's natural redheads, respectively.

Longford, Ireland

Scottish Highlands

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Scottish Highlands

Howth, Ireland

Red hair never grays; instead, it fades to white.

St. Petersburg, Russia

California, USA

Berlin, Germany

London, England

Munich, Germany

Sydney, Australia

Melbourne, Australia


Warsaw, Poland

Brian Dowling: Website | Instagram | Kickstarter
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