Cameraman Shoots "Water Bender" Turning Liquid Into Sculptures With Her Hands

Kyle Re Creative, a professional photographer and self-described "visual storyteller," excels at capturing unforgettable events. While he generally focuses on wedding and lifestyle photography, he also excels in picture editing, as seen by his series of mind-boggling water alterations.

Kyle Re Creative reimagines abstract sprays of water as identifiable, figurative forms in this series of images. Each photo was taken with a rapid shutter speed and then digitally edited in Photoshop, depicts a woman twisting and warping the liquid between her hands. As she focuses her attention on the water clear forms develop in front of our sight. The artist's figures which range from a profile of a face to a majestic horse, provide spectators with a look inside his vivid imagination.

Kyle Re Creative, in addition to his photo alteration series, frequently posts raw works of water photography. These artworks like his altered images depict a lady holding water that looks to be frozen in her hands. Though the artist does not turn the liquid into figurative forms for these works, each image gives a new and unexpected perspective on a basic subject. He demonstrates how, with an active imagination, water splashes can be so much more.

Kyle Re Creative uses Photoshop to transform water into recognized patterns and patterns.

Aside from his photo alteration series, he also makes one-of-a-kind and unedited works of water photography.

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