20 Unusual Pets With Extra Physical Characteristics

A pet, often known as a companion animal, is an animal that is maintained primarily for the companionship or pleasure of its owner rather than as a working animal, livestock, or laboratory animal. Popular pets are frequently thought to have appealing looks, intellect, and relatable personalities, yet other pets (such as abandoned animals) may be taken in on an altruistic basis and welcomed by the owner regardless of these attributes.

The DNA includes hundreds of genes, and these genes cause the manifestation of hereditary traits like eye color, coat color, physical features, and many more. Animals, like humans, acquire qualities from their parents via the genetic code included in their DNA.

Sometimes an animal's genes fool us, resulting in cats with 18 toes and pups with two ears. Scroll down to see the unexpected genetic surprises that some of these adoring animals have.

#1. Frankie was born with four ears and an eye deformity, yet he is nonetheless adorable.

Via: Missy-Andry

#2. Yoda, a cat, was born with an extra set of ears.

#3. Ren is a polydactyl with six toes on each foot.

Via: Aliendiaperbaby

#4. I adopted a stray dog with two mouths, one on each side of the ear.

Via: toadsearmouth

Toad is around 6 years old and came to the shelter where I worked some years ago. The entire team was taken aback by her presence. She was also very violent when she first arrived. A shelter officer muzzled her and transported her to the vet facility and while she was being checked we established eye contact and she immediately calmed.

I took her into my office that day to assess her and she quickly climbed onto my lap. This large, terrifying, insane-looking dog got onto my lap and placed her head on my shoulder. I adopted her, and we've been inseparable since.

#5. Narwhal, a unicorn puppy, was found abandoned with an extra tail on his forehead.

Via: Mac the pitbull

#6. There are too many pets.

Via: RickMcFlick

#7. I met this cat with two tails today.

Via: Fulcrum71

#8. A Cat with a Split Thumb. I, for one, welcome our new feline rulers.

Via: cronkgarrow

#9. Sansa is a rescue princess with feline hyperesthesia, different colored eyes, and more toes than you.

Via: sansa.thecat

#10. My cat has 26 toes and is polydactyl. So I gave him the name Toes.

Via: Papa-Wu

#11. Amelia and her two-faced cat.

Via: GallowBoob

#12. Today at work, we had a mutant cat come through... Strongly rooted extra canine tooth.

#13. Joey.

Via: eimeardelarosa

#14. Today's polydactyl kitten in clinic.

Via: DrySheckles

#15. This is my savior's baby.

Via: SayianPrincess19

#16. I drove an hour one way to get my purrito with extra beans from a shelter in the middle of nowhere. Its name is Zula.

Via: Daiiga

#17. Because a friend's cat has a black chin, it always appears surprised. It was also a polydactyl with thumbs.

Via: placeboob

#18. Extra beans.

Via: smartas

#19. this cat has Heterochromia as well as extra toes.

Via: sansa.thecat

#20. A broken leg in two places but still has lovely legs and thumbs.

Via: Pemigewasset

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