Photographer Photographed Natural Event That Modifies Hummingbird Wings Into Tiny Rainbows

Christian Spencer, an artist, and photographer, was standing on his porch in Rio de Janeiro when he discovered an incredible find. A lovely prism effect developed when the black Jacobin hummingbird soared with the sun striking its open wings. It seemed like its body was formed of rainbows at the time.

Spencer filmed the bird's movements in 2011 for the film The Dance of Time. The film went on to win ten international awards, including three for best film. But the rainbow hummingbirds weren't done yet. Spencer revisited the issue some years later. “I decided to attempt and shoot the same phenomenon with my camera." He adds to the web. Winged Prism is the name of the resultant series, and according to Spencer, the photographs disclose “a secret of nature that cannot be seen with human eyes.”

Although Winged Prism appears to be too mystical to be true, Spencer claims that no digital alteration was used. He explained, "There is no unique methodology only light diffraction across the wings of this unique hummingbird." These photographs are remarkable because of the awe-inspiring beauty they generate. “No one could have ever imagined that this would become a reality,” he continues. “Every day, I get emails from individuals all around the globe who have been moved by these images.”

Spencer's website now has a limited edition print of one of the images from Winged Prism.

Christian Spencer, an artist, and photographer, photographed the awe-inspiring picture of the light beaming on the feathers of a black Jacobin hummingbird.

As a result, the creature's body seems to be formed of rainbows, creating a prism illusion.

Christian Spencer: Website | Instagram (photography) | Instagram (art)

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