Artist Uses Silhouetted Patterns To Convert Colorful Clouds Into Wonderful Scenes

Lân Nguyen (aka 19.XCV), an artist and photographer, transforms images of the sky to show off his whimsical creativity. To convert multicolored clouds into identifiable things he digitally imposes black shadows of varied forms.

Each wisp of the cloud takes on a different shape, from a rose to a strawberry. Nguyen manipulates his photographs in Photoshop, where he tweaks the colors' intensity and hue to make the sky "pop." He then overlays a cut-out-like shape that completely changes the picture. By superimposing a volcano shape onto the shot, Nguyen transformed a billowing pink cloud into the lava in one shot. In another, a cloud takes on the shape of a ballerina's fluffy tutu. The shimmering night stars enhance each sight, making it even more enchanting.

Check out Nguyen's wacky picture edits below, and follow him on Instagram to see more of his work.

Lân Nguyen, an artist, and photographer use silhouetted figures to create bright sky pictures.

He can change clouds into completely other things.

Lân Nguyen: Website | Instagram | YouTube

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