25 Animals Who Have Perfected The Art Of Capturing The Selfie At Its Finest

Photo credit: David J. Slater

Although the phrase "selfie" has only been around for a short time it has already become profoundly embedded in our culture. A selfie is a great method to flaunt your flawless style while also proving that you did something (or met someone) interesting. For a few lucky folks, it's even become a feasible career option—Kim Kardashian even produced an entire book dedicated to hers—so this kind of self-portraiture is here to stay. As if there wasn't already enough selfie rivalry, the animal kingdom has joined in. Animal selfies are not only entertaining but they may also make you envious because some of them are attractive.

These species have perfected the art of the selfie from wild animals to domesticated dogs and cats. It happens now and again with a human. Allan Dixon, a self-described "animal whisperer" photographs animals such as quokkas and kangaroos. To accomplish this he spends time with each species to gain their trust. He then takes a selfie when the time is appropriate.

While Dixon uses a scientific approach in some of his photographs, others are more coincidental. Photographer David Slater left his camera unattended at an Indonesian monkey reserve in 2011. Naruto a curious macaque monkey seized the iPad and took a few cute shots. Surprisingly, they were later the subject of a legal struggle over whether the copyright belonged to a person or a primate, which was finally settled in early 2016. (The copyright is still owned by Slater.)

Below are some humorous animal selfies. Some of them are so good that they'll inspire you to take better pictures of your own.

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