15 Photographs That Seem To Be Photoshopped But They’re Not

Day by day we see more and more extraordinary pictures which seem to have another worldly attribute. Yes, indeed some items are unbelievable since most of them are photoshopped. But, yet some people capture incredible and creative phenomena that happen right at the correct place at the correct time.

At present, the photoshop editing tool is a very useful open software for all since it allows us to retouch an image to transform it according to our wish. It's fair to doubt the originality of the work due to this. But, believe us, below are completely stunning and original photographs caught accidentally or just due to the fortune of being at the right place at the right time. Scroll down and enjoy!

1. This is the night of South Africa.

Florian Breuer

2. This isn't a UFO, this is an amazing lenticular cloud that has the shape of a UFO. 

3. See what is there beneath.

Ric Du Boisson

4. Launching the TOW missile.

Cpl. Jacob Johnson

5. A flying boat created by the optical illusion of extremely clear water.

6. Don't you need to spend a night at Deadvlei.

Beth McCarley

7. The ice cave looks amber due to the fall of the golden rays of the sunset at the perfect angle to light it up.  


8. Anyone who has seen underneath a wave? 

Clark Little

9. These trees are real and not out of a sci-fi film.

10. A Japanese ash-covered temple.

11. One of the forest service workers captured a fire burning inside the trunk of a tree while he was fighting against Western N.C. Wildfires.


12. I experience the feeling of all the four seasons through this window that is in my backyard. 


13. "An incredible once in a lifetime shot captured by my friend"


14. A half-burnt electrical pole.

15. I posted my wife's eye six years ago and her doctor commented that it's the weirdest out of all. I improved myself throughout the years and this is the recent pic which I had taken a couple of days ago!


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