15 Enchanting Unexpected Visitors People Encountered In Their Gardens

Cats, dogs, and cows have been ordinary visitors to our gardens or surroundings almost all the time. You may have seen them roaming here and there searching for a place to shelter. But have you seen other animals visiting your garden often? They visit us rarely so that we find their arrival quite surprising. How often have you seen a moose napping in your garden? Or a baby deer in front of your porch? 

Though we don't often see these animals roam in our gardens, there are some certain fortunate times in which these sweet intruders visit humans at the least expected moments.

Here are some such instances where these guests arrived at unexpected places with no prior notice.

1. Fox sleeps under the warmth of the skylight. 


2. This tiny hawk hanging around.

3. I just noticed them cuddling by chance. Maybe because of the cold weather.


4. A rare magical Sweden reindeer.

5. “Just a moose taking an afternoon nap in my dad’s garden”

6. Deckster the deck possum has come out with Backster the back possum!


7. She said, “Let’s plant some catnip. It’ll be fun."  Then the addicts rushed in and the neighborhood was like this since then.


8. “A squirrel ran into the store I work at and stole a chocolate bar.”

9. Have you ever seen a bird lying on its side?  


10. A secret meeting of a group of meerkats.


11. “New neighbors!”

12.  This is how my daily routine started today.

How my day at work started this morning from r/aww

13. “This grumpy hero alerted me about its family’s camouflaged underground den with 5 siblings while mowing today.”

14. "A friendly little deer came up to us on our walk today.”

15. “A mama deer in our neighborhood regularly leaves her fawns on our front porch for babysitting while she’s busy.”

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