Starlings Caught Forming A Murmuration In The Shape Of A Larger Bird By This Irish Photographer

Can you remember the movie 'Finding Nemo' in which a large school of fish got together to resemble a much larger fish? Jems Crombie, a professional photographer succeeded in capturing such a thing in real life. He managed to capture a flock of birds instead of a school of fish. The incident took place over Lough Ennell in County Westmeath, Ireland.  

James also received the outstanding award for the photographer of the year by the Press Photographers Association of Ireland recently. James is rather keen on sports photography. But he had to focus on nature photography due to the cancellations of sports events during the pandemic season.

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James shot this incredible photograph on a Tuesday night (03/02) of 2021. 

Image credits: inphojames

He had been seeking such a mesmerizing image for a few years. 

Image credits: inphojames

A huge flock of starlings in the shape of a big bird.

Image credits: inphojames

“Truly magical to witness such an amazing event… my friend Colin Hogg and I followed them for 3 months around Louth, Ennell, Mullingar, Co.Westmeath, Ireland taking lots of photos just waiting for that special one,” James shared. 

Image credits: inphojames

“And we were so fortunate to witness this natural wonder”

Image credits: inphojames

The final result was caught in one frame. 

Image credits: inphojames

His friend, Colin Hogg too recorded the moment on video frame by frame.

Image credits: hogg82

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