Photographer Accidentally Captures Once-In-A-Lifetime Picture Of A Fish Prisoned Inside A Jellyfish

Wildlife photography is such an amazing topic that blows our minds from what we see. They take us close to the world of animals. Wildlife pictures are perfect proof to show the immense discipline and patience of the photographers. Just imagine the patience of them to wait at a certain place for a long time expecting the perfect moment to capture the beauty of the creatures in the wild. Some spontaneous shots are taken at the least expected moment, like the one that shows a fish stuck in a jellyfish.

The honor of this picture goes to the Australian photographer, Tim Samuel. He had captured this image while he was diving off The Pass in Byron Bay, on the north coast of New South Wales. This image showcases a fish that has been stuck inside a jellyfish. As per the explanations of the photographer, the trapped fish had struggled to control the movements of the jellyfish. Samuel familiarizes it with a twisted version of a living and breathing submarine.

As you can see in this picture, the fish has a quite exhausted face while being inside the prison of the jellyfish. But, as per the explanation of Ian Tibbetts, an Associate Professor at the University of Queensland, “it’s difficult to tell whether disaster has just struck, or whether the fish is happy to be in there.” He further explained that some fish have a desire of searching for freedom underneath the stingers of jellyfish. Perhaps, this guy is not that worried to be inside the jellyfish. One thing is sure, and that is Samuel's success to win the award for the weirdest sight of the day.

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