NASA Has Been Exploring Mars For 8 Long Years, And Here Are Some Great Pictures Of The Red Planet

Although the existence of life on Mars is quite strange and impossible for us to believe, we haven't yet stopped reaching its surface. Humans still reach Mars via the durable wheels of the Mars rovers. The main 4 mars rovers that are sent to Mars are, Curiosity, Opportunity, Sojourner, and Spirit.

With the completion of the mission of the Opportunity rover, Curiosity became the only survivor on the red planet. NASA lost all its contacts with Opportunity on February 13, 2019. Curiosity rover has been exploring the unknown red land alone till today. It had been a successful mission. The foreseen duration of its trip of 687 days was expanded indefinitely. However, it had first landed on Mars on the 6th of August 2012.

The rover is almost spending its 8th anniversary on Mars. But, this time it will have another companion to celebrate the 8th year. The mission of the new rover was scheduled to start in between the 17th of July to the 5th of August 2020. 

Man's interest in the red planet never seems to end. Here are some wonderful images that were released by NASA.

This is how Curiosity looked 7 years back and now. 

#1 The ripples of the Martian dune.

#2 Sequence of the sunset in the Gale Crater of Mars.

#3 Curiosity rover examines a meteorite on Mars.

#4 Curiosity’s color view of the Martian dune after crossing it.

#5 This is the color view of the Martian rock ‘Harrison'.

#6 A dusty selfie of the Curiosity rover at Duluth.

#7 Jake Matijevic rock.

#8 Multiple layers of Mount Sharp.

#9 First sampling hole of Mount Sharp.

#10 This mosaic of the petrified sand dune is a combination of dozens of Mast Cam images.

#11 Remnants of Ancient streams on the planet.

#12 Outcrop in the Murray Buttes region of Lower Mount Sharp.

#13 Mount Sharp seems to come sharp.

#14 A self-portrait at the Martian Sand Dune.

#15 This is the “Fracture Town” which is full of pointed, layered rock formations.

#16 This is another click by the Curiosity rover. It shows the rocky surroundings at the base of Mount Sharp.

#17 Wheel scuff mark At ‘Rocknest’.

#18 Focusing the 100-Millimeter Mastcam.

#19 Curiosity arrived at the sand dune, “Gobabeb”. It is a part of the large dune field called “Bagnold”.

#20 This is the view of the Curiosity Rover at ‘Shaler’.

#21 Mars rover Curiosity in ‘Buckskin’ selfie.

#22 Mount sharp's basic layers.

#23 Introducing Mount Sharp.

#24 Curiosity's journey in the ‘Hidden Valley’ of Mars.

#25 This is a click that shows the striking Martian geology.

#26 Curiosity's selfie at ‘Windjana’ drilling site.

#27 A mudstone rock outcrop at the base of Mount Sharp.

#28 Different shapes of rocks.

#29 Strata at the base of Mount Sharp.

#30 Resistant characteristics of the outcrops of ‘Pahrump Hills’.

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