Extinct Clouded Leopard Was Witnessed In Taiwan For The First Time In Over 30 Years

We've almost heard a lot of news on species that have been wiped out of the Earth with time. Even at present, many species run towards their termination of life on Earth. And also, as per the details of the researchers over 20,000 animal and plant species are at the nearest stage for extinction. Isn't there any hope left for these poor creatures despite this cruel reality?

The Formosan clouded leopard is also one such leopard that is thought to have been extinct by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN). Thus leopard was listed under the extinct animals in 2013 with no official location since 1983.

This summit predator was known to be the second-largest creature that feeds on flesh on Earth. The first place was dominated by the Formosan wild bear. This particular leopard is endemic to Taiwan and is famous for the flawless shadowy dim markings on it.

Taiwan's Forestry Bureau has recorded the leopard as ensuring untamed life while this animal was consecrated by the Paiwan clan, an indigenous people of Taiwan. They had already accepted that the Formosan panther had to withdraw into the mountains as the broad logging guaranteed the vast majority of its territory. Thus, they've engaged the legislature to stop the logging to give the panther access to its territory once again. The Japanese anthropologist Torii Ryūzō was the first non-indigenous person to observe the large feline in 1990.

What was the reason for them to say that the Formosan leopard had wiped out of the Earth? The idea of the extinction of this creature came out as there was no locating this creature for a long time. A field study had been done between 1990 and 1993. 16,000 photographs have been taken with the utilization of 400 cameras. In addition to that, a group of zoologists has done an investigation between 2001-2013. Even then, they hadn't discovered any proof about the presence of the leopard.

Formson leopard's return is truly incredible news to the Earthlings. It was spotted once again in Taiwan recently. This leopard who is also called the Li’uljaw was witnessed by a few people over the archipelago’s southeast. It was seen in the area close to Taitung County’s Daren Township. While the Paiwan innate specialists were watching, they saw one trip a tree before going up a bluff to chase goats. This huge feline was also witnessed by another group of officials before it climbed up to a tree.

Of course, it's true to argue that these are just sightings. Yet, these bring a lot of expectations about the arrival of this leopard. Officers from the Taitung Forest District Office are planning to get these sightings confirmed.

Liu Chiung-hsi, an educator at the Department of Life Science at the National Taitung University explained, “I believe this animal still does exist.” Yet he explained the speed of the leopard. Therefore, according to him, this leopard can never be seen effectively by these means. It might have been the reason for us to not witness it for years. Apart from this, he also stated that he had encountered the Bunun trackers who have witnessed the feline several times in the 1990s. They also said that they will have to consume the bodies as they've damaged Taiwan’s Wildlife Conservation Act.

Pan Chiu-Hua who is the pioneer of the Alangyi’s innate meeting confirmed the presence of the large feline by the locals. He did not present any detail about the specific area or the time in which they witnessed the animal since he was not permitted to do so. Kao Cheng-chi, the Town Chief of the Paiwan clan and President of the Association of the Austronesian Community College Development Association checked that a watch was fixed by the officers around the Alangyi town in June of 2018.

The Forestry Bureau of Taiwan released a calendar of secured wildlife in January. Even in the calendar, the Formosan leopard is recorded as class one. Teacher Chao Ren-tooth at the Institute of Biology at I-Shou University stated, “It would be a big event to remove the Formosan clouded leopard from the list. It would require taking into consideration societal perceptions as there could be a backlash from the indigenous community.”

Huang Chun-tse, the Appointee Director of the Forestry Bureau’s Taitung District Office explained the importance of the sightings. And also, he said that there should be a logical examination to counsel the clan.

Perhaps, it may be hard for you to believe the sudden sighting of an extinct creature from nowhere. This is not the first such incident. The first creature that was sighted even when thighs had been extinct was the Fernandina monster tortoise in 1906.

Even though the tortoise was believed to be wiped out from the Earth for more than 100 years, it was found once again on the Galapagos island of Fernandina. According to the specialists, it wasn't the last one to survive either. They doubted the existence of different tortoises similar to the one that they witnessed.  At that point, there’s the Tasmanian tiger, a large feline with a stomach of a kangaroo and tiger-like stripes on the back.

People thought it had been wiped out from Earth with the death of the last one in the Hobart Zoo in 1936. Yet, there had been 8 detailed reported sightings of this tiger.

Perhaps, time for some creatures on Earth might be running out. The indications of the presence of the leopard amidst all the news on extinction are truly a reason for us to be happy. We wish that more steps would be established to rehabilitate these leopards in the world.

Source of the information: IFL Science!Yahoo!

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