11 Attractive Birds That Look Like They Are Painted By Another Worldly Artist

Our Earth is an extremely beautiful place where various kinds of animals live. Birds are one of the wonderful categories of animals. They fly in the sky and only very few people have the fortune to get to know them. Here is an amazing list of the most beautiful birds on Earth.

#1. Quetzal

This birds are considered to be sacred for many people in the world. Unfortunately, it has faced the threat of extinction due to several reasons. The most eye-catching part of this bird is the bright green plumage. Currently, this bird can be seen in Latin America. Mayans too had used this bird's feathers to create their royal plumage.

#2. El diamante Gould

This bird has an Australian origin. It can be seen in the tropical regions with tall trees and a lot of water. A notable decrease in the population has been recorded due to the extinction of their habitats.

#3. The Wiretail Bouncer

This is a legendary bird that could be seen in the Amazon. It too has a colourful plumage.

#4. Royal Bird of Paradise

This is an authentic bird group of the Cicinnurus species that is endemic to New Guinea. The male creature is crimson and white. It also has greenish legs tipped with fan-shaped feathers over the shoulder.

#5. Bird of Paradise Wilson

In addition to the striking blend of colours, this bird also has got a tail in the shape of a mustache.

#6. The Guinea Fowl

This is another bird species of Numididae birds that inhabit the savannas of East Africa from Ethiopia to Tanzania. Although the bird is incredibly beautiful, it has faced the threat of extinction at present.

#7. The Tocororo

This Tocororo bird is originally from Cuba. The striking attraction of it is the colourful plumage. The Tocororo is considered to be the national bird of Cuba.

#8.The Indian Paradise Flycatcher

This particular bird is a medium-sized creature that is native to Asia. The highest distribution of them too can be seen in the Asian continent. These birds have a stable population though listed under the IUCN Red List as Least Concern since 2004. They are native to Myanmar, the Indian subcontinent and Central Asia. These birds have been a kind of jewel to these regions.

#9. Multi-coloured Parakeets

#10. The Monal Redstart

These birds are originally from the Phasianidae family. The bird can be spotted in the coniferous and rhododendron forests of the Himalayas. The Monal Redstart is the national bird of Nepal.

#11. Grandala

The Grandala has a captivating blue coloured body. Apart from the Grandala, there are a few birds in this colour in the world. It is a native creature of the South Asian mountains.

It's none other than the God who is the incredible artist who has created all these fantasies.

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