This Moody Cat And The Joyful Dog Are The Fluffiest Best Friends On The Internet

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No one argues if I call the four-legged friends as the best companions of humans. Their relationship and the interactions are amazing. But, this friendliness is not that true when it comes to the interactions between two different species of animals. Are the cats and dogs mortal enemies as most of the people think? No, it's not true all the time. We have some good news to prove that it is wrong. 

Here is Casper, a dog which is six-year-old. It lives with its guardians Rinsa Li and Wei Cheng in New Zealand. Rinsa had had a desire to adopt a cat along with Casper although she wasn't sure about the reaction of Casper.

Fortunately, she was able to test Casper's behaviour using her friend's cat. To her surprise, Casper was completely adorable at the cat. Thus, she decided to buy one white fluffy pack home.

This white cotton ball was named Romeo and he too loved his dog friend. They became best friends from the beginning. Both the dog and the cat have the same look and white fur. The only difference between the two is the face and the facial expressions. Casper is all smiley while Romeo is grumpy. Seeing both of them together is hilarious. Most probably, the opposite characteristics might have helped them to build up such a strong bond between each other.

Scroll down to check out their pictures and visit @casperandromeo on Instagram if you want some more.

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