These Pictures Perfectly Show What Global Warming Is Causing To Earth

Climatic changes make a lot of disastrous incidents around the world. Loss of food production, rise of sea level, extinction of animal and plant species are some such bad changes. Things get worse day by day and thus future generations will have to experience the worst part of global warming.  

Consequences due to global warming are experienced daily. The notable rise of the sea level indicates the arrival of the bad situation. Islanders are the ones who will suffer this problem the most. They have a great threat to get drowned due to the increase of the sea level. Apart from this, many places are exposed to rising heat too. This has caused a terrible impact on agriculture.

The Arctic region is the most affected part of the Earth. They have observed a rapid melting of snow due to the increase in the heat. We hope that the following pictures will be helpful for you to understand the ongoing situation in the world.

Aral Sea

Alaskan Pedersen

The Sans Blas In Panama

Enterprise Bridge Orville

Arctic Ice

Alaskan Muir Glacier

Grinnell Glacier

Do you think that climatic changes only affect humans? If so, you've made a mistake. This phenomenon has a very bad impact on fauna and flora in the world. Aquatic creatures experience the worst part of it. Please be alarmed since things are getting dimmer than expected.

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