Photographer Takes Once-In-Lifetime Shot Of The Moon Dressed As Saturn

A photographer in Guatemala received a great chance to capture an incredible photograph of the moon disguised as Saturn.

This majestic photograph was shot from the perspective of the Acatenango volcano base camp. Thanks to the photographer Francisco Sojuel's six hour long hike we are able to witness a once in a life-time scenery by our eyes.

He had seen this mesmerizing event suddenly when he looked up at the sky in the early morning before sunrise. He had seen the moon as if it was dressed as Saturn.

Both Guatemalan highlands and the silhouette of Pacaya volcano is shown in the lower part of the image. As per to what Sojuel said, the cloud seems to be a cirrostratus cloud made of ice crystals.

He had seen halos around the moon when seen from different angles. The texture of the surrounding cloud has been a bit thick and fluffy. Perhaps, it is a cirrostratus fibratus or a cirrus spissatus cloud. Both these clouds are quite denser than the other ones and are often made by strong winds.

Sojuel is a well-known character in the field of photography. He has gathered fame for astrophotography and amazing landscape photography. Scroll down to check out some other wonderful shots of him.

Francisco Sojuel: Website |  Facebook | Instagram

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  1. Brilliant photography.. absolutely beautiful!

  2. I have never seen a long, thin cloud like that be tilted to the horizon???

    1. I have seen flat clouds displaying on a tilt around tall mountains. Specifically, Mt. Shasta in CA and Mt. Rainier in Washington. Rare but they catch the eye and make you pause. This relationship with the moon is extremely delightful!

  3. If Eyota likes to primarily focus on photography articles, then I feel like they would benefit from investing in higher resolution for their photos that artists have worked so hard to create. It’s a shame seeing beautiful photos but in low quality, especially from the source. The Eyota logo could also be touched up to better represent the website.

  4. Absolutely beautiful. Is there photos licenced and protected. What if I want to use the images for book cover?


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