How To Apply Coconut Oil In Your Hair To Prevent It From Becoming Gray, Thinning Or Falling Out

Coconut Oil, a solution for hair loss.

It is one of the best ingredients in natural remedies as well as cosmetics such as body lotions and sunscreens. With the time, it's now being used in hair products too.

Indian, Sri lankan, Malaysian, Indonesian, Philippine, Burmian and Carribean women have been applying coconut oil in their hair since 100 years. They believe that coconut oil along with coconut milk help in maintaining a long, silky naturally coloured hair.

Not only by applying it but also consuming it would give you a lot of benefits. But what about using it topically? Let's find out why it is good for your hair.

Coconut Oil To Prevent Hair Loss

1. Prevents Hair Fall

Hair fall is often caused due to fungal infections, nutritional deficiencies and inflammatory skin conditions. Therefore, coconut oil is the ideal product full of healthy fats that have the ability to nourish the scalp and the hair shaft plus to reduce the level of inflammation.

Mix 3tbsp of coconut oil with 2tbsp of sage oil before application. Cook the mixture of oil in a low heat for a good combination. Leave it to cool. Check the heat of oil by applying it on your hand. It should be warm but not too hot. Apply the oil mixture all over your head and cover your head with a shower cap before you sleep. Wash out when you wake up in the morning and style as you wish.

2. Helps The Repair Of Damaged Hair

Coconut oil is the best for the repair of hair when compared with sunflower oil and mineral oil. And also it is the only oil that helps the reduction of protein loss and strengthening of the shaft.

Apply drops of oil on split ends of your hair to repair them. And also maintain a regular practice to trim the split ends once in 6 weeks.

3. It Smoothes Your Hair

Frizzy hair is one of the most common hair problems that we struggle with. This is caused due to excessive dryness of the cuticles and hair shaft. Coconut oil which is a water repellent (hydrophobic), helps in retaining the moisture within the hair shaft.

Therefore, application of coconut oil 10-15 minutes earlier will help you in making your hair smooth and silky. And also you could apply coconut oil to the split ends, to brush the ends easily. As for styling, apply a bit of coconut oil to tame your flyaways and it will help you to create smooth updo's.

4. Fights Dandruff

This is one of the most terrible issues that we face. It is a common chronic scalp condition marked by flaking of the skin on your scalp. Formation of dandruff takes place due to reasons like fungus or dry skins.

Coconut oil can actually fight against dandruff in your scalp. It fights against the fungi and treats dandruff.

Mix equal amounts of castor oil and coconut oil, apply and massage the mixture into your scalp. Wash your scalp soon after 30 mins. Use the same trick whenever you wash if you're suffering from severe dandruff.

5. Kills Lice

Lice, a common issue with young ones. Most of the treatments for lice burn and damage the scalp and are highly toxic.

Therefore, coconut oil is the natural treatment that is used most often. It hydrates the skin instead of irritations. And also it acts as a natural pesticide against lice.

Coconut oil coats and suffocates the lice gradually. It will prevent the eggs from hanging onto the hair strands.

Apply the oil evenly and leave your hair with oil for a few days. Continue to apply the oil as a continuous process as it gets absorbed into your hair. Addition of a few drops of tea would also help you to make a more potent lice formula.

6. Gray Hair

The colour of your hair totally depends on the pigment cells present at the base of your hair follicles. The efficiency of these pigment cells become less when you grow older. Therefore, they die.

Coconut oil once again helps you in this issue by nourishing the scalp and by protecting the base of the hair follicles. Healthier the follicles remain, longer the natural colour of your hair prevails.

First, you have to try applying coconut oil and lemon juice mixture daily for at least 15 minutes. Try it always if it doesn't work properly.

Bottom Line

You will surely miss a lot if you do not use coconut oil therapy for your hair.

It's no secret that most organic and herbal shampoo already contain coconut oil. However, there will be no harm if you add some coconut oil to the brand you’re using if it doesn’t have any.

Hope you got to know some important facts on coconut oil. Follow the methods mentioned above and enjoy the results.

Source of the information: Daily Health Post

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