An Earless Seal Can’t Stop Hugging A Stuffed “Mini-Me” Toy That Looks The Same

An earless adorable seal at Okhotsk Tokkari Center in Monbetsu, Hokkaido Japan cheerfully played and hugged its mini me gift. The seal was hand-reared after a severe injury. However, the expectation of the staff at the center is to release it back to the ocean with the rest of the seals soon.

The seal was overwhelmed with the joy of receiving its ‘mini-me’, thus was unable to stop kissing, sniffing and hugging it. It squeezed the mini toy to its heart. Perhaps, it thinks of the toy as its baby. Anyhow, one thing is clear and that is the overloaded happiness.

Okhotsk Tokkari Center: Website | Twitter

The zoo staff gifted an amazing present to this loving animal at Mombetsu Land, an attraction park in Japan.

Although this specific seal was hand reared since being rescued from an injury, the staff of the center expects to send it back to the ocean one day.

“Tokkari” is the Ainu term for “azarashi” or the earless seal. So, as the name suggests, the Tokkari center is a specialized conservation and a sheltering center for the earless seals. The center allows the visitors to enjoy the glory of the seals as well as to take close-up shots of them. In addition, the center also provides the conservation facility while treating the injured earless seals that have been caught in fishing nets. Actually, the Tokkari center occupies an important grading as the one and only marine animal conservation facility provider in Japan.

The ‘mini-me’ plush which is just the same as the seal!

The unbearable cuteness inside the story was well understood by the center thus the photos were shared on Twitter. The users agreed to the post and shared them with over 26,000 tweets.

The moment where the seal hugged it and squeezed it to its heart is extremely emotional. He couldn’t stop riding the toy seal on its back.

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